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5+ Best Shopify Visitors Counter Apps

Visitor counter or hit counter is a great new marketing channel to establish the much needed social proof on your shop to let your hard earned visitors know that they are not alone shopping...


4+ Best Shopify Recipe Apps For Food Stores

The Shopify recipe apps help you to publish your recipes without much fuss, optimize them so that they’re search-engine-friendly, and focus on delighting the readers with convenient options. In addition, the recipes will connect...


3+ Best Shopify Recruitment & Jobs Apps

Are you looking for the best Shopify recruitment & jobs App? There are several Shopify apps that you can use to easily create an online job board on your Shopify store. This can be...


How to Generate Random Numbers in Shopify liquid

Today I am sharing a script code to create a random number in Shopify liquid.

And here is an example, generate a random number from 1 to 100. Wanna change the range, just...


What Are Some Neat Google Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome continues to be the most popular internet browser at the moment. According to Wikipedia, at least 67% of internet users prefer Chrome over other browsers. And it is not just computers, but...


Top 5+ Best Shopify Live Streaming Apps

.The ability to ‘go live’ directly onto your store will allow you to interact with customers in real time. Build a community by inviting others to join the call, creating user generated content in...