5+ Best Custom Cursor Apps For Shopify

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Personalizing your e-commerce store is more important than ever before. There are countless websites on the internet, so it’s very difficult to make a memorable impression on the customer’s mind. Modern stores need to be personalized, fun, and memorable so they could easily recognize your brand. Don’t let your customer feel tired of that basic boring mouse pointer and depressing scrollbar. It’s the same one every other website has. Take your website and branding to the next level with a custom mouse cursor to give your customers the full brand experience they deserve through these great apps.

Here is the list of the best custom cursor apps for Shopify in 2024:

1. Hura Effects

Hura Effects is a Shopify app help that is working as a great tool when you want to celebrate important days with your website visitors by giving them a pleasant user experience. And one of the features this app provides is Custom Cursor. Using this feature to customize your website cursor, you will get a very elegant and unique site.



2. Kaching Custom Cursor

Let’s be honest, default cursors are boring, so if you are trying to stand out with a fun and personalized theme, do not forget to add a custom cursor as well. This app provides more than 100 custom cursors to choose from and even lets you upload a custom cursor yourself. The installation and the app itself are self-explanatory, just select a cursor and publish it. The app will handle the rest and you will be able to see the cursor in your store right away. If not satisfied, you can always reset to default.


3. ENKEL Custom Cursor

ENKEL Custom Cursor lets you customize your cursor however you want. You can choose from one of the premade designs, or upload your own design. Let’s say you have a car accessories store, in this case having a cursor that looks like a car wheel will make the store look more fun and memorable. The installation process is totally hassle-free and in case you decide to uninstall the app, it won’t have any leftover code in your store.


4. Cursorverse ‑ Custom Cursors

Choose from over 100 cursor designs OR upload your own design. You are set up in just a few clicks. No coding is needed. Emotion makes a difference in marketing your website. With a customized cursor and scrollbar experience, your website will become more appealing to customers. They are going to enjoy clicking on your products and pressing those add to cart and payment buttons. Customers spend more time per day looking at their mouse cursor than they do look at their partner, so there is NO reason NOT to make your cursor and scrollbar look as beautiful as can be.


5. Brandify: Match your branding

Branding nowadays is essential for every company, each brand should be unique and have its own vibe around it. With Brandify it gives you the opportunity to tweak certain elements and input actions on your online store to bring your brand’s vibe to your online customers, build trust and make people fall in love with your brand even more.


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