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Social proof is one of the fastest ways to establish trust. If you are a new store without an established brand, buyers might have hesitation purchasing for the first time leading to cart abandonment. The developers try to build engaging, relatable, and meaningful stories and convey them to your potential customers. This helps them to make a quick decision about your product and services. By using social proof apps, it will kickstart your sales by showing your new customers that real people are making real purchases and eases the customers’ minds. It shows people trust you. It shows your store is busy. Most importantly, it shows people want your products. In a world where fear of missing out is top of the consumer’s mind, giving them the chance to see in real-time what others have purchased makes the customer jump on the bandwagon too. Let’s see the benefits that it brings.

Here is a list of top social proof apps in 2024:

1. Sales Pop+Social Proof: Nudgify

This is an app that helps boost sales & reduce cart abandonment with sales pop & social proof nudges. Increase conversion rate by building trust and creating urgency. Trusted by 3,137 stores as their #1 go-to Social Proof app since 2018.

Nudgify increases your sales & conversions with Sales Pop & Social Proof notifications. Pick Nudge templates to show Recent Sales (sales pop), Low Stock (order soon), Free delivery pop-up, or even Discount Nudges. Because Nudges show your customer’s REAL data from your store, they create irresistible Social Proof, FOMO, Urgency, and Scarcity. It’s automatic, and you can see how each Nudge is boosting your sales with built-in analytics.


2. Social Proof, Urgency, Pop-ups

This app will help you improve your sales with powerful Social Proof and Streak notifications. You can easily add product reviews as social proof notifications.


  • Display Product Reviews: Seamlessly integrate your review app with Nextsale and display product reviews and testimonials on your shop pages. Build trust around your brand with User-Generated Social Proof.
  • Show Recent Sales Notifications: Show recent sales popups, recent conversion notifications to let your visitors know that it is safe to buy from your store. Build trust and boost your sales with the help of Social Proof.
  • Display Store Activity: Let your shoppers know how many people are online, what was recent, how many items they sold, and create and urgency by showing how many people are watching your product right now.
  • Grow Your Email and SMS lists: Collect a targeted lead list for your marketing activities. Use Popups based on different triggers to convert more traffic. Offer a special discount to your visitors and convert them into leads and buyers.


3. POP! Sales Pop & Social Proof

Whether you’re an established brand or just getting started, Sales Pop will make your store look busy and get you orders. This app will help create trust & urgency for your products. Sales Pop lets visitors know your product is in demand, building FOMO and a sense of urgency. Designed to look and feel natural in your store, the informative Sales Pop Popup Notifications are subtle but drive customer conversions.


4. Sales pop up & Social proof

Get unlimited Social Proof notifications for growth that shows recent sales popups, visitors counter & sold count on store to boost sales. With eye-catching email pop-ups and top bars will help you convert visitors to leads. Engage with your customers by adding discount popups. Shopify merchants use our easy setup social proof app to boost trust, drive word of mouth and referrals, and increase customer retention.


  • Establish social proof or Random Review or Conversions notification
  • Random Review (Display a random review/testimonial from your clients to create social proof) (integration with review app judge. me)
  • Conversions Counter (Establish social proof by showing how many recent conversions)
  • Different Feedback Collector
  • Text Feedback (Collect better and straightforward insight from your users)
  • Emoji Feedback (An interactive way for your users to give you feedback about your site)
  • Cookie Notification (Notify your users that you are using cookies on your site)


5. WiserNotify Social Proof Popup

Wiser Notify offers real-time insights about what visitors are doing on your website; it also picks up live visitor activities from your website & shows them to new visitors. Our app enables you to show social proof in your store to get more sales with existing traffic. This app has an advanced and fully customizable notification system that helps to increase the e-commerce store’s conversion rate within a short timeline.

There is a slew of features and benefits of Wiser Notify. Besides building trust, boosting engagement & creating urgency, it is capable of doing the following functions.

  • You can show the ‘Live visitors’ count in the notification.
  • You can display ‘Recent’ Signup & Purchase in the notification.
  • ‘Bulk’ Signup & Purchase count can also be shown the notification.
  • Show ‘Recently viewed’ page count in the notification.
  • You can advertise ‘Customer Reviews’ and total visit count in the notification.


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