The best services help to move your online store to Shopify from another platform

If you already have an e-commerce website or are using a different e-commerce platform for your business and you want to move your online store to Shopify. In fact, each platform will have different data structures, so switching platforms is not a simple task.

If you consider yourself non-technical, there are services that migrate data from another platforms Shopify for you.

  1. Cart2Cart – Shopping Cart Migration
  2. LitExtension
  3. Next-Cart
  4. PelicanCommerce

1. Cart2Cart – Shopping Cart Migration

Cart2Cart is a shopping cart migration service which allows automated data transfers from one platform to another. Currently, service supports migration from/to 80+ most popular shopping carts.

2. LitExtension

LitExtension is a SaaS company that allows you to migrate data from one eCommerce platform to another desired shopping cart automatically. LitExtension has come a long way from its beginning to achieve 130,000+ successful migration for 35,000+ worldwide customers in the last 9 years.

They now supply services to migrate customers, orders, products, SEO URLs, even customers passwords and other related data to the desirable shopping cart. Currently, LitExtension supports migration from 80+ most popular shopping carts.

3. Next-Cart

Wonder how to migrate your online store to Shopify in only a few hours? Next-Cart is here with the service to help your migration go seamlessly. They support transferring all product data, product reviews, customer information, orders, categories, links, SEO, and so on to your new Shopify store from A-Z. Next-Cart guarantees a secure migration process with no part missing to ensure you a well-function new home.

What data Next-Cart Migration Tool can migrate to Shopify?

  • Product Informations: Title, SKU, Description, Regular Price and Special Price, Images, Manufacturer/Vendor, Meta, SEO URLs (301 Redirects or Rewrite), etc.
  • Product Variants/Options: Custom Options Product will become Variants Product in Shopify. Variants Image, Prices, SKU, etc.
  • Product Links: Categories/Collections.
  • Collection Informations: Title, Description, Image, Meta, SEO URLs (301 Redirects or Rewrite), etc.
  • Vendor Name is imported within products.
  • Customer Informations: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Tags, etc.
  • Customer Addresses: All addresses with full informations.
  • Order General Informations: Status, Currency, Total, Notes, Date, etc.
  • Product Details: Title, Model/SKU, Quantity, Price, Properties, etc.
  • Customer Details: First Name, Last Name, Email, Billing and Shipping Addresses.
  • Reviews of migrated Products: Review Details, Title, Author, Comment, Rating, Status, Date.
  • Page Information: Title, Description, Tags, Featured Image, Images, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, SEO URLs (301 Redirects or Rewrite), etc.

4. PelicanCommerce

Getting setup on Shopify from scratch is a breeze for most small and medium sized businesses. But when you have the weight of a legacy shopping cart then it can be hard to know what to do and if you are doing it right. This straight forward service is either A-La-Carte migration of data or an entire migration and setup of your Shopify store. This process to get you fully migrated from your existing shopping cart to Shopify is complete and everything you need to get fully launched on this modern platform.

This service keep your current search engine rank all while moving your products, images, content pages, customer data, and much more. This service can handle the entire migration, theme, and store setup and get you fully launched all while you focus on more important things.

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