How to migrate all data from an old Shopify store to new Shopify store

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Shopify allows export and import themes, products, customers from a Shopify store to another Shopify store. But they don’t support export and import blog posts, pages or meta fields, files. So if you want to migrate from an old Shopify store to new Shopify store, you must the help from a third-party app.

I suggest to use Excelify. This is a Shopify app, that helps to export the data from a Shopify store. Including: Products, Collections, Customers, Discounts, Orders, Payouts, Pages, Blog Posts, Redirects.

The first, you must go to Shopify app store and search with key word: Excelify to find this app. After that you must install this app into your old Shopify store and your old Shopify store.

Step 1: Export data from old Shopify store

You go to apps dashboard from old Shopify store and create new export.

Mark with checkboxes, what data to export. You can include additional data of each kind of items.

Export only the data you need, because that impacts the duration how long the export will take. Export becomes significantly longer if you include Metafields.

You can filter different items by different criteria.

When you apply the filter, the item count and estimates will not change at that point – the estimate will adjust when you actually start the export. For some filters it still has to run through all your store though, to find those items.

If your store is very large, choose the Excelify: CSV format. To start the export, press the Export button.

After finish export processing you have a CSV file.

Step 2: Import data to new Shopify store

You go to apps dashboard from new Shopify store and import the exported CSV file from old store.

In section Import you upload the exported CSV file.

When you upload the file, at first the app is analyzing the file. After that, you can choose the options and press Import button if everything is showing ok.

You are done.

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