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A bundle is a combination of products that get a discount when purchased together. Bundled products will help you increase your average order value, boost your sales and sell your less popular products.

Example: Create a bundle with two products and offer a 15% discount on both if purchased together. The product bundle will be displayed on these two product pages with discounted prices.

When you are maintaining a Shopify store, you might be trying out different promotional strategies to increase sales. One such strategy can be creating product bundles and offering them at a discounted rate. You will find a few good Shopify apps that help you create product bundles and custom layout options for customers to choose from. In this article, let us look at some of the popular apps that will help you create Shopify product bundles.

In the Shopify App Store, you will find a range of apps that will help you set up advanced product bundles. Let’s see a few of them in detail.

Here is a list of the best Shopify product bundles apps in 2024:

1. Bundles App | PickyStory


PickyStory is a top-rated Shopify app that allows you to create a wide variety of product bundles. Choose exactly which products are bundled together, and exactly which pages of your store the deals are shown. You can set complex discount rules (or no discount at all), and also offer tiered pricing.

PickyStory lets you create bundles that you display on your product pages, in a shoppable gallery, or even allow customers to build their own bundle. You can also configure bundles to display as popups. Advanced features (available on all plans) include the ability to group several products together and sell them as a single product in your store.

Top features:

  • Set up deals with clicks and easily drag and drop onto pages
  • Fully customize deals to suit your brand
  • Inventory auto-synced with Shopify at SKU level
  • Compatible with all Shopify themes

2. Bold Bundles ‑ Product Bundles


Bold bundles – Product bundles by BOLD is a brilliant app for you to increase your sales by offering product bundles for the customers to buy. This app helps you match the related items with each other. Hence, you will sell more than one product with an order. Furthermore, it shows the clients how they save money when they choose to purchase bundles that suit their needs. They will get discounts by a set percentage according to each type of bundle they expected. Or else, this app will make the bundle a set price, which means the client only needs to pay a preset price such as $100 for the fashion bundle including a hat, a shirt, and a skirt. A cool feature of this app which has just come out offers a NEW item bundle kind. In other words, it seems like a buy one get one offer. You will decide which items include in the bundle and their amount. Then, you go on to set a bundle for free. If the customers make a purchase with the preset bundle, they will get the accompanied bundle without paying the cost. They will find it interesting and beneficial. The more products you sell, the more benefit you gain. Install Bold bundles – Product bundles immediately if you feel impressed.

3. Bundle Products


Bundle product app is developed to double store sales & sell the maximum product with product bundling feature. Welcome customers by selling many products in one combo. Within fewer clicks, you can make unlimited custom bundles & show discounts anywhere in your store. This bundling feature will help to double income, sell flat products of store, highlight discount & create long-term relationships with customers.


  • Now, create a bundle with a single product & its all variants.
  • Attract customers by displaying bundles on the cart page.
  • Display multiple bundles anywhere in your store by just adding a single div into a particular page template.
  • Various layout options were added to display product bundles in a unique way.
  • Display bundles in any language & showcase bundles with their short description.

4. Bundle Builder


Bundle Builder is a unique bundling app that creates custom product bundles. Whether you want to create a single SKU or multiple SKU bundles, we have your back. Bundle Builder is not just another upsell app to add to your existing product pages.

Main features

  • Lets customers create custom product bundles/gift sets/kits
  • Bundles are created as their own product, with their own product page template
  • Build pre-set or fixed product bundles
  • Build mixed bundles with some fixed products and some products customers choose from
  • Lets you set a price that is not dependent on the prices of the individual component
  • Set rules, eg. quantities, that need to be abided by for the customer to check out
  • Customize the bundle product page with custom CSS
  • Tracks individual product stock levels
  • Doesn’t utilize discount codes or draft orders which means you can still use discount codes on bundles

5. Bundles


Bundles check and sync the products/variants in a bundle after each sale. It takes about a minute to get all the other products/variants back in sync. Bundles do not create products or variants in your store, it lets you link several products to one.

6. Bundles | Also Bought Together


The app checks your previous sales to recommend products that were purchased together. Bundles are displayed when the customers view product pages – they can choose to remove some and add the remaining to the cart with a single click. Variants can be dynamically selected, with pictures and prices updated automatically.

You can also customize at the product level: for example, for an iPhone X, you might want to bundle it with a case, a headset and an extra charger. You’ll definitely sell more by upselling and cross-selling.

7. Simile | Smart Bundles


The app analyses the previous purchases in your store database and uses an Amazon-like AI algorithm to generate relevant product bundles automatically. Each bundle usually contains up to 3 products from different categories. The algorithm has also been optimized for new stores with no orders.

Bundles will be automatically created upon product sync but you can manually edit each bundle to your preference. Reset the bundle at any time to revert back to its automated combination.

You can also define a percentage discount to motivate your customers to buy more for each purchase. The discount will be applied to all products in the bundle and those products only. If the customer breaks the bundle by removing any products, the discount will be removed from the remaining products in the cart.

When a customer visits a product page, the bundle related to that product is displayed. Customers who add the bundle to their shopping cart are taken directly to the checkout to speed up the purchase process and increase conversions.

The app will look beautiful on all devices and screen sizes.

8. Upsell Bundled Products


Upsell Bundled Products by SpurIT is a Shopify app designed to help you boost sales and conversion rates by packaging multiple products that are frequently bought together into a beautiful kit. The app also makes sure that customers know how much they are saving for buying bundled products. Plus, shopping is easy and fun as customers could add these products kit to their cart with just a single click. You could create as many products and collections as you want, as well as customize their design to best fit your store theme.

9. Bundlo: Products Bundle


The app allows you to offer products in a bundle. For example, set up a “formal cloth” bundle, In this bundle, if the customer buys paint, shirt, and shoes together customer will get X% off on each of the bundle items. If they remove any bundle items from the cart, they no longer get an X% discount on the remaining bundle item.

10. Product Bundles: Fast Checkout


This app helps you display different types of Discounted bundles, Upsell bundles, and BOGO bundles aesthetically on your product pages. And when your potential customers choose to buy the bundle, they are taken directly to the checkout page rather than the cart page. This speeds up their checkout experience and increases conversions.

11. Unlimited Bundles & Discounts


This app helps you motivate your customers to buy more products for an automatic discount.


  • Compatible with all inventory apps
  • No need to sync inventory or changes
  • No duplicate variants, unlike other apps!
  • Set multiple pricing groups
  • Compatible with any theme
  • Automatic Discount applied at checkout
  • Not mess up with your theme.
  • 100% mobile-friendly. This app is optimized for smartphones and tablets.
  • Compatible with currency converters apps

12. Upsell Bundles ‑ Product Bundle


Upsell Bundles app is designed to offer Shopify users the ability to create bundled offers of two or more of their products. These bundles can be at a discounted rate, or simply a suggestion with no discount.

13. Upsell Now ‑ Product Bundles


Upsell Now will help you increase revenues by showing your shoppers customized upsell offers at exactly the moments when they’re most likely to accept: when shoppers are adding items to cart or right before they’re about to enter the checkout.


  • Show upsell popups on add to cart or checkout button click
  • Discount products in your upsell offers
  • Choose the products and collections that appear in upsell offers
  • Auto-remove discounted upsell products from the cart if the product that triggered the offer is removed
  • Limit upsell offers to appear only on specific product pages
  • Require shoppers have certain items in their cart before displaying upsell offers
  • Works right away – no waiting for theme edits like with other apps
  • Completely responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Compatibility with AJAX carts in the free Shopify themes
  • Upsell offer start and end dates

14. Advanced Bundle Products


Advanced Bundle Products by MageWorx is a Shopify app designed to help you boost sales by incentivizing customers to add more items relevant to the one they are viewing to their cart. The app does this by displaying a kit of related bundled products all on a single page, which customers could choose to add to cart a single item from the bundle and specify the number of standalone products within a bundle. The app is very user-friendly as all you need to do to create a bundle is to add a grouping tag to the main product then select associated items.

15. Bundlify ‑ Cross selling boost


Product Bundles allows you to offer your products in a bundle, and promote those bundles to customers for discounts.

When a customer is looking at a product, they will also see the bundled products underneath it, showing how much they will save, and the “add to cart” button for the whole product kit. The bundled products will be added to cart in One-Click!

16. Upsellkit


This app helps you to create Bundles to be offered when your customer adds to cart any of the products included in the Bundle. You can create discount strategies like fixed amounts or percentages to be applied to the Bundle.

17. Bundler ‑ Product Bundles


Bundler – Product Bundles will help you boost your sales and increase your average order value by applying discounts on products bought in bundles. Bundler is a market disruptor, as it offers bundling functionality to Shopify users for FREE!

Main benefits:

  • Offer bundles to your customers
  • Increase average order value
  • Boost sales with bundle discounts
  • Sell popular products together with less popular products
  • Discounts are applied at checkout

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