The Best Shopify Apps Prepare For Your Online Store In Christmas Shopping Season

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Christmas is approaching. Have you prepared your website with useful features to serve the shopping needs of customers? This article will provide all the necessary and best Shopify apps for your online store. Hopefully, with these Shopify apps, your customers will have a great shopping experience and you will boost your sales.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps you should have for your online store in the Christmas 2024 shopping season:

1. Snowfall Effect Plus

Holiday seasons are always the best excuse for shopping. Now you can surprise your visitors with seasonal decorations. That makes your store a pleasant place for them to shop. Not only that, when accessing a website with interesting effects, this will contribute to making a good impression on your customers, turning visitors into customers, and your store will stand out more than competitors. Snowfall Effect Plus is one of the free apps that help you to spice up your store for the Holiday season. With the PRO version, you are provided up to 15+ seasonal effects like rain, firework, Sakura, Halloween, Valentine, New Year… and you can configure some options for the effect. Don’t miss this great sales opportunity by downloading the app to your store now.


2. Quick View ‑ Sales Booster

 Your customers mostly come to your store to buy gifts for their friends and relatives, so they pay great attention to detail and product quality. Therefore, they will want to look at your product carefully. Give your customers the tools to have the best shopping experience with Quick View. Quick View gives your customers a pleasant shopping experience with a product preview pop-up that shows product info (product images, description, color swatches, …) with the add-to-cart button. This makes searching and buying products easier and faster which is a great way to increase the conversion rate. When you integrate this application, you will get more than just a quick view. Great features related to product information as well as sale campaigns will also be added to your store such as promo bar, sale badges, trust badges and save amount badges, quick navigate with previous/next product button, recommendations for similar products, visitors count, social sharing feature and more.


3. Product Compare

If your store has such products which can make your customers confused about to do the right purchase, Then this is the app for you. This product comparison app for your Shopify store will help your store visitors to become customers by clearing their doubts with the right choice of product among your collection of products. For the store which has a large collection of similar products, you should give product comparison features to their store visitors. Your customers can use this feature to compare similar products. Your customers will respect this facility and choose your store for all their future shopping. The convenience makes them come back for more.


4. Hura Album

Hura Album is an elegant tool to build a photo album of your gift store. This helps to grab the attention of visitors. You can create unlimited image galleries for your gift store and give your customers a fantastic experience. Let your customers know all the fine details when they open the image in a full-screen pop-up. If your product images are neatly arranged, beautiful, customers will buy more, achieve sales, and achieve your business goals.

If you want to have the simplest & nicest image gallery & slideshow for your store let’s integrate this app now.


5. Product Reviews

Customers love to read reviews, and if they’re already on your site, they’ll spend more time learning about your business from the best marketing source – your existing customers! On-page review content is great for business and great for Google, as the ever-changing nature of reviews means better SEO for your site. Get SEO benefits with star ratings on your product page search results, increasing traffic to your site. Get better on-page conversion from Google Shopping campaigns from better-informed customers. Improve trust in the products you sell with questions & answers. Social proof is so important to business growth. Using this app is the best way to gain the trust of customers and promote your brand.


6. Auto Hide Un‑hide Products

As a store owner, you want to make sure for your customers to have a smooth experience shopping in your store. Showing out-of-stock products could be a hassle for customers and a threat to a sale. “Auto-hide unhide products” help you to hide the sold-out products from your store and show them when they get back in stock automatically.


7. Zestard Gift Wrap

The E-commerce market is all about being a step ahead of your competitors. And what best way to do so, then making a feature-rich store? The gift wrap feature is almost essential for any kind of store today, whether your store has a niche market, focused on one specific product, or is multiple product stores. When you integrate this app, you can put Gift Message Note, Gift Wrap Title, Gift Wrap Price, Gift Wrap Description, and Gift Wrap Image option for your customer. It will be wonderful when your customers receive a carefully wrapped, beautiful item with a very sweet wish.


8. Product Filter & Search

This is an app that helps your customers can find the products that they want in the smart and fastest way. This app searches fast with instant suggestions, spellcheck, typo-tolerance, and catalog redirect to shop easily. Besides that, this app will help create collection filters by product options, variants, tags, meta fields, etc. with different styles for your customers to find the products quickly. Your customers will feel happy and make purchasing decisions faster. There’s one more great thing, this app also helps you analytics of buyers’ behaviors, know what shoppers find, click, and buy the most from there, you will understand the needs of your customers and develop more of this item for your store.


9. Order Delivery Date

Order Delivery Date helps you make getting the package more real in the eyes of the customer, and make him more likely to buy, by allowing him to choose his custom delivery date for his order. This is an indispensable feature for any gift store. Most people buy gifts to give or buy on an important occasion, so letting customers choose the delivery date is essential. Using this app, you can allow your customers to choose exactly when they want to give gifts while setting up delivery rules that would prevent customers from choosing times at which you can’t deliver. Delivery data is integrated into each order on Shopify, including notifications sent for each order created by the admin from the store’s back-end. By collecting delivery date data, you can also store this information for easy marketing of your gifts store products in the future.


10. Track Order & Notifications

This is a pretty important tool as well. This tool will help your customers feel more secure when ordering gifts at your store. When your customers buy gifts, place an order, and pay, of course, they have the right to know the status of their order. Track order app allows tracking on your gift store by order tracking widget. It will notify your customers about their shipments via SMS and eMail and Whatsapp, customer notification on important delivery updates such as shipment picked, in transit, out of delivery, delivery issue, delivered, measure customer satisfaction using net promoter score, customer feedback on delivered orders. Besides, this tool also helps to reduce customer queries and improve user experience, reducing the post-buying experience for both customer and the merchant.


11. Privy ‑ Pop-Ups, Email, & SMS

This app will help collect more contacts using popup templates. Add a spin-to-win wheel to your website to incentivize email sign-ups and SMS opt-ins. Use Email & SMS to notify your customers about new items. Send follow-up reminders to drive repeat sales and suggest shopping cart add-ons. From that boosting the shopping needs of customers.


12. Custom Background Music: BFCM

Have you ever wondered if your website is too simple and you want to be something different to make them more unique and impressive? Music for example? You can choose any music you like to make the background music for your Shopify store through this app. It will captivate your customers with soothing music or song of your choice, increase the appeal of your website, and give customers a lively shopping experience. Even though there are other methods to add an audio file as background music for your Shopify store, the simplest would be by use of Shopify apps. This app helps you add a song of your choice that will play in the background of your store easily. Create an amazing and unique shopping experience in your store by adding music that will encourage customers to make a purchase. Once installed, the app allows you to upload a media file that will be played in the background of your store.


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