How to change price based on selected quantity in Shopify product page

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Your customer can buy more than 1 product. However, on your product page, the price is only displayed on each product, when customers want to buy more, they want to know how the total order price will have to use manual calculation tools. However, there is now a quick solution for both you and the customer. That’s the “Price Change Based On Quantity” app. With this app, you can show your customer’s product price based on the selected quantity. The price for the product will be automatically recalculated by the selected quantity.


If you want to know the convenience that this app brings, download the app to your store now.

You do not need programming skills to set up this app. This app offers you the solution right after installation. 

  • Activation of price change based on quantity: You can activate it to change price based on selected quantity on product detail pages. After customers change product quantity, the price will be recalculated based on the selected quantity. You can set to recalculate base product price and also not discounted (original) price, based on selected quantity. 

  • Advanced settings: If prices are not changing based on selected quantity, the problem is probably in the wrong paths to selected elements you HTML DOM. This app does its best to find these paths automatically, but it’s not 100% working in all custom themes. In advanced settings, you can set these paths manually. If you leave the field blank, the path will be found automatically by this app.

The app is compatible with different product variants’ prices and the price is automatically recalculated and multiplied by the selected quantity even if the customer chooses another product variant.

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