15+ Best Shopify Returns Process Apps

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When your business grows, you will have to spend a lot of time and money to be able to process return orders manually. In case of overload, it may lead to unnecessary errors. So why not apply an automatic return and exchange process to your store to not only bring convenience to customers in the shopping process but also help you reduce your workload? This article will recommend tools that can help you make the return process as easy as possible.

Here is the list of the best Shopify returns process apps in 2024:

1. Returnly

With the Returnly App, you get everything you need to automate and manage your returns. This app gives your customers control over their returns experience with a self-serve Return Center, automated emails, and more. With Returnly, you can easily manage returned orders in Shopify, and set custom policy settings and brand assets to meet your business needs. Note, Returnly does not offer a pay-as-you-go App plan for Shopify Plus merchants. Shopify Plus merchants can install the Returnly App and they will be reached out to set up a personalized demo.


2. MESA ‑ Workflow Automation

MESA unifies all your tools to provide a central source of truth for your business. With MESA, you can link a form directly on your customers’ “Order History” page. This allows them to quickly initiate the returns from the order page itself.

You’ll automatically receive important details like the reason for return with the entire order details on your email and Slack channel. Not only returns, but you can also use the same tool for sending a contact form to an assigned email or Slack channel.


3. Loop Returns & Exchanges

By providing complete returns automation, in-line exchanges, and your own fully-customized returns app, Loop takes the pain out of returns for your team and for your customers.

Loop lets you control how and when returns get approved. You may decide certain events trigger automatic approval (like an item getting dropped at the post office). And you may decide higher-risk transactions, like refunds, must be manually inspected first. No matter the number of returns, your customer support team can relax knowing returns are processed in the background with ease.


4. Return & Exchange Portal

Automate your returns process with ReturnGO’s Returns & Exchange Portal. Provide your customers alternatives to refunds such as offering product exchanges and store credit. ReturnGO keeps your customers in the loop and creates a positive orders return and exchange experience. Configure your custom returns management portal to match your store policy rules.


5. FREE Returns Portal

Doddle’s digital returns platform allows customers to book returns, choose a location, give a return reason, and update them on their return and refund status with fully branded communications. Fully automate your returns by setting custom rules for non-returnable items, returns windows, and return approvals. Simply download the app, complete to contact form, and have a quick onboarding process.


6. Sorted Returns Center

Sorted Returns Center (previously Clicksit Returns Center), is an automated returns management app for Shopify and Shopify Plus users. It helps control and automates all of your returns management. From setting your return rules and windows to tracking progress and getting key insights. You’ll always know exactly where each return is. Besides that, it lets your customers request returns in seconds, on a branded self-serve portal on your domain – whether they are returning one item or many (no coding required).


7. FlexReturn Return Center

FlexReturn return center provides a fast and easy return process to maximize the chance your customers will shop again. It enables you to define smart return rules to automatically present the best return resolutions that suit your customer’s preferences. Return admin backend simplifies and streamlines the return management process, saving you and your team an enormous amount of time. Automatic return approval and shipping label generation free you from tedious manual work.


8. Narvar Returns & Exchanges

This app was built to consumers return items on their terms. It provides options to return by mail, to a nearby store, or to 200,000+ carrier and partner locations. Besides that, it deploys highly granular returns flows, policies, and fees for different products or customer segments to offer a differentiated experience. Returns & Exchanges without the high cost of time, money, and development — so you and your team can focus on your brand, not your tech stack.


9. easyReturns ‑ Return Portal

easyReturns enables your customers to register returns. easyReturns provides a public landing page – a returns portal – for this purpose.

The returns portal can be accessed via a public page. You can link to the returns portal in your Shopify Store or only pass it on to your customers on request. The customer can call up the order and register a return using the order number and the associated e-mail address. Depending on the configuration, the buyer receives the return label immediately or after you have checked and approved the request. Depending on the configuration, the customer is provided with a return slip. The item, the number of items, and the reason for the return are noted on the return slip.


10. PostCo 360: Returns Center

PostCo 360 helps you power your store’s very own returns center. This platform enables you to brand your portal, start adding business logic, customize your own return policies and reduce the cost of processing returns, and increase customer loyalty.


11. Return Rabbit

Return Rabbit’s revenue-focused, data-driven technology makes returns management hare-raising easy for Shopify brands. This software is designed to maximize your revenue by converting refund requests into exchanges while providing an excellent experience for your customers so they want to come back again and again. From return sub reasons to insights that drive product quality, you’re sure to be a happy customer.


12. Code Returns & Exchanges

Boost your revenue by turning up to 40% of your returns into exchanges, including exchanges to other products. A branded self-service Return & Exchange portal for your customers + a simple but powerful dashboard for your team within the Shopify Admin. This app was built for Shopify Merchants who want to spend their time efficiently, lower return costs and reduce returns. It helps you to realize smooth and automatic handling of both your returns and exchanges.


13. EcoReturns

EcoReturns is an AI-ML-powered returns app enabling eCommerce sellers to reduce returns and automate exchange/returns processes. It also helps businesses become environmentally more sustainable by keeping in check the carbon footprints associated with the returns process.


14. AfterShip Returns Center

Allow customers to return or exchange products via a branded returns portal. Expedite return shipping with popular couriers like UPS & USPS. Besides that, it helps reduce customer inquiries and anxiety with timely return and refund status notifications via email, boosts trust & encourages repeat sales.


15. Return Prime: Order Return

Return Prime helps you manage all your returns, exchange, and refunds in one place. It lets your customers request a return and exchange on their own helping you reduce your support queries. You can send return labels and refund customers instantly via Gift card, discount code, or to their cards.


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