Top 5+ Shopify Apps To Integrate Tip Options Into The Ordering

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In the world of e-commerce, providing an avenue for customers to express appreciation through tipping has become an increasingly popular feature. For businesses using the Shopify platform, the ability to seamlessly integrate tip options into the ordering process is crucial. With a plethora of apps available, selecting the right one can be a challenging task. Therefore, understanding and harnessing the capabilities of the top Shopify apps designed to incorporate tipping functionalities can significantly enhance user experience and potentially boost revenues. Let’s delve into the top 5+ Shopify apps that excel in adding tips to orders, and revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their customers.

The best Shopify apps to integrate tip options into the ordering in 2024:

1. Pépiteurs: Upsell with Tipping

Pépiteurs revolutionizes your profit margins and enhances customer interaction with its innovative one-click upselling strategies, simplifying the donation process. Unlike any other product upselling applications or upsell funnels at the cart, checkout, or thank-you pages, Pépiteurs provides post-checkout upselling capabilities. Seize this pivotal moment of customer contentment and transform it into a nexus of goodwill, prompting generous contributions for increased profits. Gain further advantages by understanding and analyzing the contributions of engaged customers. Your business’s next evolution is merely a strategic tip away.

Enhance your revenue streams through strategic one-click upselling techniques. Obtain invaluable insights from actively involved contributions through this app.

Pricing: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.


  • Instantly maximize your store profits with one-click upsell tips, no code is needed
  • Up-sell your customers’ experience with a simple & user-friendly donate interface
  • Unlock customer engagement with secure post-checkout tipping via Shopify payment
  • Reveal actionable insights from engaged donations on your buyers’ evolving needs
  • Turn customer gratitude into profits: Start earning more with pépiteurs tipping.


2. Tip Cup

Tip Cup empowers your clientele to seamlessly include gratuities, donations, or personalized additional charges across every section of your website. What’s more, Tip Cup seamlessly integrates with a range of third-party payment service providers, ensuring compatibility with platforms like PayPal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. This versatility offers your customers a flexible and convenient way to express appreciation or support for your services, making the user experience both dynamic and efficient.

Pricing: $9.99/month. 7-day free trial.


  • Accept cashless tips by adding a tip button to your site.
  • Easily change the design to match your storefront.
  • You can make upsells or accept donations by changing the wording.


3. Magic Tips

Magic Tips offers a user-friendly and straightforward solution. A single click installs the app, empowering you to select the display triggers for tipping options on the post-purchase page. Tailor triggers based on cart totals or specific products. From there, customizing tips is a breeze: adjust images, titles, descriptions, tip percentages, buttons, and labels to align with your brand’s aesthetics and preferences. The flexibility extends to setting up multiple post-purchase tips.

Why delay? The opportune moment to acquire Magic Tips is now. Elevate your customer experience and foster gratuities effortlessly.

Pricing: $9.99/month. 90-day free trial.


  • Whether you want to tip by the amount or by percentage, Magic Tips got you cover
  • You can set multiple tips, or even both at the same time.
  • Set to display the tips based on the purchase value or when the selected product


4. Tip Quik | Tip Pop‑up in Cart

Upon reaching the cart page or accessing the slide-out cart, an interactive pop-up will seamlessly emerge upon the customer’s selection of the checkout or Shop Pay button. This convenient prompt offers customers the option to leave a tip before proceeding to the checkout page. It serves as an excellent means to gather gratuities for your staff, providing a boost to all involved—be it your delivery drivers, packaging department, or front-of-house personnel. Rest assured, this feature has been rigorously tested and is fully operational across all official free Shopify themes. Enhance your customer experience and support your hardworking team effortlessly with this intuitive tipping feature.

Pricing: Free plan available


  • Before checkout, the customer will be shown a tip pop-up.
  • Tip percentages can be customized or be a flat dollar amount.
  • All content on the tip pop-up and the design of it can be customized.


5. TipGenius Tip & Donation Popup

TipGenius is the ultimate Shopify app to seamlessly integrate tipping and donation options into your store’s checkout process. With TipGenius, you can give your customers the choice to add a tip or donation with just a click of a button after they’ve completed their order. This effective and timely pop-up ensures that your customers have the opportunity to show their appreciation or support for your business.

What sets TipGenius apart is its customizability. You have the freedom to set your own tipping or donation amounts and personalize the call-to-action, currency, and “no-tip” text to align with your brand’s voice and style. Additionally, you can easily translate the text into any language to cater to a global audience.

Furthermore, TipGenius offers the flexibility to configure the pop-up to only show specific products, giving you full control over when and where the tipping and donation options are presented to your customers. And the best part? Setting up TipGenius is a breeze, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to be up and running in just minutes.

With TipGenius, you can enhance your customer experience by giving them the opportunity to show their appreciation while also supporting your business. Don’t miss out on this easy and effective way to integrate tipping and donation options into your Shopify store’s checkout process. Try TipGenius today and take your customer experience to the next level!



In conclusion, the integration of tip options into the ordering process is pivotal for enhancing customer engagement and supporting service-oriented businesses on Shopify. The top 5+ Shopify apps outlined above offer a diverse range of functionalities, catering to various needs and preferences. Each app presents unique features that enable businesses to seamlessly incorporate tipping mechanisms, empowering customers to express their appreciation and support for exceptional service. By implementing these apps, businesses can elevate their customer experience, boost employee morale, and create a more gratifying transactional environment. The utilization of these innovative tools not only streamlines the tipping process but also cultivates a culture of appreciation, benefiting both customers and service providers alike. Ultimately, integrating tip options into the ordering system through these Shopify apps is a strategic move towards fostering stronger customer relationships and supporting the hard work of service professionals.

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