The Shopify apps help you to calculate shipping rate before checkout

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Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges for a merchant to overcome. There are tons of reasons a customer might abandon their cart, but one particular reason is a lack of clarity about shipping costs. A majority of abandoned carts can be attributed to the lack of clarity in the shipping costs. So a simple way to reduce cart abandonment is to display shipping costs upfront.

I have an article to let you know how to add a shipping rates calculator to your Shopify cart. If you consider yourself non-technical, there are Shopify apps that help you to add a shipping rates calculator.

1. Shipping Rates Calculator Plus


This app helps to display shipping costs to your customers in the shopping cart.

It auto-detects your customers’ location using a precision IP database. It then queries the Shopify API to get the different shipping options for that location. Shipping rates are displayed on your shopping cart page, with a map showing the customer location and the option to select a different location.

Shipping Rates Calculator is mobile-friendly, adapting its size and layout to any screen size or device and it its styles are automatically configured for most Shopify themes.

2. Estimated Shipping Cost


This app allows the customer to see an accurate estimation of shipping cost with all courier options, allowing them to see the cheapest shipping option. The more your customer knows the total cost of the purchase, the more likely they are to go through with the purchase.


  • Tracks Customer’s Geolocation for Accurate Calculation of Shipping Cost. Using your customers IP you will be able to track their location and give the best shipping rate.
  • No Coding Needed, Easy App Install No need for programming knowhow, easy plugin, and simple to use.
  • App shows the cheapest rates of all available price-based and weight-based rates. Better conversion through informing customers of their total purchase cost.

3. GeoIP Shipping Rate Calculator


GeoIP Shipping Rates Calculator app lets you display shipping cost based on user location. The user location automatically detected via IP address. The Shipping costs are displayed on the cart page before the checkout. Displaying cost upfront will build trust and confidence in your customer’s mind.

This app pulls the shipping rates exactly as they are configured in your Shopify admin. If you want to configure the shipping rates, you can do that from the Shopify Admin panel

The shipping rates widget is displayed on your cart page. It displays a map with a pin on customer locations.

The shipping rates widget is mobile friendly and responsive.

4. Shipping Rate Estimator


This app give customers ease to check accurate shipping rates estimation based on the shipping country and their state or province.

5. Calio Shipping Rate Calculator


The app allows you to display estimate shipping rate, delivery date and delivery day of all available shipping provider. Also, you can change header and messages as per your requirement. You can show/hide fields as per your requirement.

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