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Stock-outs are a big challenge for a growing business like yours. Keeping a tab on low-stock items manually is time-consuming. Any error can cause unplanned stock-outs and loss of revenue. To solve all these problems, the low stock alerts app is built. Refer to this article and choose the best app for your store now.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps to alert low stock in 2024:

1. Stockbot Low Stock Alerts

This app sends you an email report with the list of items that are below the low stock level set by you. This gives you enough time to restock before those items go out of stock.

Get an email report with the list of items that are below the low stock level set by you. Set alerts on products, variants, or collections. Check your low-stock items any time of the day using the real-time web report.


2. Low Stock Alert

Don’t lose sales or credibility when an item goes out of stock before you notice. Low Stock Alerts solves this problem by notifying you any time a product falls below your specified stock level. And you’ll get daily email notifications about all low-stock items. Low Stock Alert powers thousands of Shopify stores, saving dozens of thousands of hours for its users every week.


3. Stockie Low Stock Alert

This app helps merchants easily track the low-stock products in their store with automated and highly-configurable low-stock notifications. It ensuring that products in your store are restocked on time is critical for your customer’s online shopping experience. If a product is out of stock, you will lose sales and worse, even damage your store’s reputation.

Stockie Low Stock Notifier is a quick and simple solution to help you always restock your products on time. You can set up low stock notifications to alert you and your team when a product’s inventory is below a chosen threshold. That way, you can always have enough time to restock your products before they are out of stock.


4. Merchbees Low Stock Alert

Merchbees Low Stock Alert prevents you from losing out on sales and customers by notifying you or your vendors when the items’ inventory level is below a specific threshold. This way, you can replenish an item before it is out of stock. If you want, you can set the maximum stock level (order up to level) and it calculates order quantity automatically.


5. Low Stock Alert & Stock Value

You can easily customize/create and export low stock data in an email at a scheduled time periodically (Daily or specific days of the week) through this app.


6. Inventory Alert

Inventory Alert is an easy-to-use low inventory notification app where you can manage your product storage feed and notify you with an out-of-stock alert for every low-stock product present in your store.

This app is suitable for every Shopify store owner. By keeping a count of your product storage, the inventory management app sends you an alert beforehand your inventory is about to go out of stock. This system helps you to retain your customers and also avoids the loss of possible revenue. You can set up your email notifier according to your products. And as soon as the selected product reaches the limit of being out of stock, Inventory Alert sends a low product storage notification to the owner for every specific product variant.


7. Tuckaway

Tuckaway is a simple-to-use app that automates the decluttering of your online store. Tuckaway monitors products that have low (or zero) available inventory quantity and posts low stock notification alerts to you. Optionally, it can automatically change the status of the product from published to draft. Then the product will become unpublished from your sales channels thus reducing the unavailable product clutter.


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