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The growing development of e-commerce leads to businesses always innovating to be able to attract customers. Finding customers is hard, but keeping customers, making customers come back to us is even harder. Understanding that, customer care support tools were created. These are gift programs for loyal customers, loyalty programs that are considered as a gift for customer loyalty for choosing you, etc. Whether you are a large or small business, integrating this tool will be very effective for positioning your brand in the hearts of customers. Let’s learn about loyalty programs through the following free apps. They certainly won’t let you down.

The best Shopify free apps to build loyalty and grow referral sales in 2024:

1. Bold Loyalty Points & Rewards

Bold Loyalty Points allows you to create a retention program in minutes that motivates customers to earn points and then come shop with you again to use them. Your members earn points by:

  • Purchasing products
  • Sharing your store on Twitter or Facebook
  • Referring new customers
  • Signing up
  • Joining tiers (like gold, silver, and bronze) when they reach point milestones

When customers earn points, the app automatically notifies them by email, reminding them to visit your store and shop again. You can also reward customers with points on their birthday: Send them a birthday email with bonus points so they know you value their business while also encouraging them to visit your store.

Once members have collected enough points, they can redeem them for:

  • Percentage discounts
  • Dollar amounts off
  • Free shipping
  • Custom rewards like limited-edition items, product samples, charitable donations, or anything else you’d like to create.


2. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

50,000+ Shopify brands have found success with Smile’s easy-to-build loyalty platform, making Smile the most trusted rewards app in the world. A Smile loyalty program gives your customers access to exclusive perks, attractive discounts, and a fun way to engage with your brand every time they log in to your store. Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive and unpredictable ads, why you don’t boost sales from your existing customer base through this app. Customization takes minutes with intuitive UI, with 0 coding skills required, you can get your rewards program configured, designed, and launched on the Shopify store in less than a day.

These great programs include:

Loyalty points program:

  • Create urgency with bonus points & points expiry campaigns
  • Save abandoned carts & invite customers back with points reminders
  • Customers can redeem points for coupon codes or free gifts at checkout

Referral program:

  • Create social proof with word-of-mouth marketing
  • Encourage customers to refer a friend using personalized referral links through pop-ups and emails
  • Easily monitor referral traffic and sales with in-app analytics

VIP program:

  • Strengthen customer retention with VIP statuses and perks
  • Upsell customers to progress towards VIP tiers


3. Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards

Yotpo Loyalty, Rewards, and Referrals (formerly Swell Rewards) is an app that helps brands maximize lifetime value, build customized, on-brand loyalty programs to incentivize repeat purchases, referrals, social engagement. Designed for growing brands, the Free Plan of this app offers the most extensive features in the industry, including 14 Rewards Campaigns, including points for purchase, creating an account, social follow, goal spend, happy birthday, and more, a powerful & customizable referral program and multiple points’ redemption options.

The benefits your store gets when integrating this app:

  • Increase lifetime value by rewarding loyal customers with points for valuable actions – purchases, sign-ups, birthdays, reviews, referrals, social media share, and more
  • Incentivize repeat purchase with diverse points’ redemption options such as coupons, discounts, free shipping, free products, and more
  • Build a customized referral program – offer points and discounts to encourage customers to spread the word
  • Increase engagement with VIP tiers – customers can earn based on their spending, referrals
  • Launch a customized & on-brand loyalty program in minutes without any code


4. Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals

LoyaltyLion is an award-winning Shopify loyalty provider, trusted by over 9,500 e-commerce stores to increase customer retention and engagement.

If you’re processing under 400 orders per month, use the Loyalty, Rewards app free plan to build a customized rewards program for your store. This app allows customers to collect and redeem points for visits, signups, or purchases. Besides that, it will award loyalty points for purchases, sign-ups, subscriptions, birthdays, reviews, referrals, social media likes, follows, and tags. Build a fully customized, customer retention program to power growth – start awarding points in minutes, no technical expertise required. Is this great?

With just one click you can get a lot of benefits:

  • Increase repeat purchase with points for on-site activities
  • Acquire new customers via inbuilt refer-a-friend/ referral functionality and review referrer emails
  • Grow social audiences by rewarding points for social follows, likes and shares
  • Use points to incentivize reviews from happy customers
  • Access your loyalty program’s customer insights and data



Put a smile on your customer’s face by having your brand integrate the loyalty program. LOYALTY, REWARDS & REFERRALS is an app that helps delight your customers by offering rewards based on how many points a customer has earned. The app will set up and display a loyalty program widget on your store that handles all of this automatically. Adding a loyalty and rewards program is one of the best ways to create a predictable sales channel for your store: encourage repeat purchases from loyal customers and offload inventory as incentives for your loyalty program.

So, let’s enjoy the benefits that it brings:

  • Encourage customers to spread the word by incentivizing referrals with rewards.
  • Customize everything to match your brand
  • Boost reversions and affiliate marketing.
  • Increase new customers visiting your store.


6. Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals

S Loyalty launches a beautiful and feature-rich rewards program to create deeper connections with customers. It offers rewards, personalized bonuses, and points-based campaigns to give your customers more reasons to come back. Besides that, S Loyalty offers shopper notifications, “Thank You” messages, holiday bonuses, and points-based campaigns to drive customer engagement along your customers’ journey. Moreover, S Loyalty integrates with ReferralCandy, one of Shopify’s leading referral programs to automatically reward customers who refer friends to make purchases. This is the reason why Many other Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants use S Loyalty to build customer loyalty and grow their store sales. What are you waiting for without integrating this amazing app into your store?


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