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The best Shopify Wishlist Apps

One of the most important and under-utilized features of any online store is the Wishlist. With Wishlists, customers can save items which they may not have an intention to purchase at the time, but...


Best Instagram Feed Apps for Shopify

Instagram features the great photo and video sharing platform. Instagram integration in a Shopify store can add a great value with more engaging content and driving more traffic to the site. To catch this...


Top 7+ Best Shopify Product Filter Apps

Product filters are used to filter the products on Shopify collection pages. Customers can filter and get the product exactly based on their needs at a quick time. In this article, we have listed...


15+ best Shopify notification bar apps

A notification bars is the best way to attract your visitor’s attention instantly. A properly created notification bar, with the right design, message, and links and generate leads and increase site engagement. However, notification...


How to customize Thank you page on Shopify

Shopify doesn’t allow users to edit their Thank you page. But you can use the bellow Shopify apps to customize it. You can add more sections: video, upselling products… on The Shopify Thank you...

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