The Best Shopify Apps That Help To Open and Close Your Store Automatically

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To avoid having a customer place an order while you are closed and unable to help them, these easy-to-use scheduling tools will help you solve this problem. With these great apps, you can manage your store hours so that your customers know when you open and close the store and when they can order from you. Now, let’s refer to and get the benefits that it brings.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps that help to open and close your store automatically in 2024:

1. Shabbat Mode

Shabbat Mode (a.k.a. Sabbath Mode) is an easy-to-use Shopify app that allows you to close your shop for holidays and special days. You may set up a weekly closing time (for example every Saturday), and on specific dates or add as many dates as you want. Besides that, you can select to use the visitor’s timezone or your shop’s timezone to close your store. When your shop is closed, your website visitors will see a page with a countdown timer to let them know when the store will re-open.


I’ve written an article to guide how to use this app here.

2. We’re Closed

This app will help you open and close your business based on your working hours. The app will disable the Add to Cart and then Proceed to Checkout buttons preventing customers to place orders during certain times. It’s ideal for restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, and all local stores.


  • Set different working hours for each day of the week.
  • Select times based on your time zone.
  • Disable Add to Cart and Proceed to Checkout buttons only during closed hours.
  • Display a custom message when closed.
  • Display a Home Page Banner announcing you are closed.
  • Select custom colors for the announcement


3. We’re Open

This app will help turn ordering on and off in your shop based on your business hours. Your customers will know when you are open and be able to make new orders. Once you are closed, the ability to make new orders is disabled and a message is displayed to your customers. You can also activate preordering now, allowing customers to order in advance when your shop is closed.


  • Disables Add to Cart and Proceed to Checkout buttons when closed.
  • A fully customizable message is displayed when closed.
  • Set hours for each day of the week.
  • You can set multiple time ranges per day.
  • Set special hours for holidays.
  • Works in any time zone.
  • Let customers order in advance during non-working hours.



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