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Previously, you could only add the upsell option before or after completing the checkout process in Shopify. Because Shopify didn’t allow customization of anything on the checkout page. However, recently, with its latest major updates, Shopify has provided solutions to allow app developers to provide certain customization features on the checkout page. So you can add an upsell option in the checkout process in Shopify through the Shopify apps.

Here is the list of the best Shopify Checkout Upsell apps in 2024:

1. Qikify Checkout Plus

This Shopify app helps to add custom fields & product offers with discounts on the Checkout page.


  • Create many checkout custom field types to collect more valuable buyers’ info
  • Add dynamic product offers to increase average order value (AOV)
  • Attract customers by showing and applying discounts automatically: Discounts for product offers, discounts based on the number of cart items
  • Allows buyers to change products’ variants and quantity directly on the Checkout Page
  • Allows buyers to add upsell, and cross-sell items to the cart right on the Checkout page, the cart will update in real time, no reload or redirect.


2. Checkout Blocks

This is a Shopify app to personalize checkout for every customer with upsells and content. With this app, you can natively embed upsells, product samples, free gifts, and more directly into your checkout. No theme changes are required!


3. Checkout Buddy

Checkout Buddy enables you to add cross-sells directly into Shopify checkout.

Create a promotion, select your products to cross-sell, set your trigger rules, and let the app seamlessly work itself into the checkout and boost your sales and average order value with cross-sells.


  • Customize cross-sells within checkout using simple settings within the app, then preview your changes using the checkout editor.
  • Test different product sets on the same promotion and sees which set gets better results. Use the 50% A/B test split to make data-driven decisions and optimize your sales.
  • Create promotions that offer simple, single variant cross-sells, or empower your customers with choice and offer multiple product variants.
  • Customize your offers and show specific cross-sells to specific customers. Differentiate with rules based on order value, line items, shipping variables, and more.
    100% of the app’s customer-facing features leverage Shopify’s infrastructure, allowing for high scalability and security at all times.


4. Checkout Bear

With Checkout Bear apps, you can customize the checkout page by adding checkout widgets. You can add upsell offers inside the checkout page and increase your average order value. You also can use the discount code banner to motivate customers and increase the checkout page conversion rate.


  • Add upsell offers inside your checkout page to increase your average order value
  • Add a discount code banner and motivate customers to complete their purchase
  • Track upsell offers performance inside a simple dashboard
  • Widgets blend right in your existing checkout page theme and design


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