9+ Best Shopify Apps for Selling Digital Products

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Selling physical products comes with its own share of hassles such as inventory management, shipping fulfillment, etc. Selling digital downloads might sound less complicated in such a scenario. Then again, there are quite a few technical challenges awaiting you with digital downloads too.

This article focuses the apps help you easily sell digital downloads with Shopify.

1. Digital Downloads


Shopify’s Digital Downloads app is a free, easy to use app that allows you to offer digital products in your Shopify store. It also enables you to mix and match and sell a combination of physical and intangible products, for example, digital and physical copy of a book.

With this app, you can provide for your customers’ direct link for downloading the chosen product right after placing the order, and also send them this link to their email. Digital Downloads takes care about notifying the clients about the updates in your store, automatically informing them about new offers, versions, and products.

This easy and intuitive app is more than just a delivery tool of digital content, it’s also a great service for management of your products and keeping track of your downloads, thanks to a helpful dashboard. If you want to be more in control of things, you can fulfill the orders and send the files yourself.

It’s highly customizable and the settings let you personalize email templates and checkout parameters. Use it to sell digital items with a file size of 5GB or less.


  • Digital attachments are linked to a variant on a particular product
  • Mix and match a product to have physical and digital products
  • Your customers get a direct download after checkout, and an emailed link
  • Set download limits as needed

2. SendOwl


With SendOwl, to start selling digital products all you have to do is upload the files to the servers, choose a product to associate it with, and the rest will be done automatically.

You can sell from just about anywhere, including website, a page on a social media or a blog — just place a small button there and you’re in business. It’s a simple and secure way of selling digital merchandise and SendOwl supports a great many languages, so you can sell to people who don’t speak your language.

You can configure delivering download link on the order completion page, send it via separate email, include in Shopify order email or add it to the customer account. A drip functionality allows you to schedule the release of the product. Here you can configure issuing free orders and sending stamped PDFs to your clients.

SendOwl boasts built-in pre-checkout and post-payment upsells, discount codes, and pay-what-you-want pricing. You can even create a mailing list via such resources as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. The app integrates with biggest payment systems like PayPal, Apple Pay, and even Bitcoin. Oh, and it’s lightning quick because SendOwl uses for hosting a network of servers ensuring the shortest ever download time.

3. FetchApp


If you like to know and control just about everything in your store, from the number of times the item was downloaded to the amount of time before a download link expires, FetchApp is the answer.

Essentially, with this easy application, you get a dashboard for managing your products and orders, which you can use to start selling as soon as you’ll be able to copy and paste a link.

This application also supports working with products with multiple files, making the delivery effortless — just bundle them in one package. You can also split large sized files into several smaller files and sell one product in multiple parts.

Boasting a very straight-forward interface, which pleases the owners, it also takes good care of the customers, automatically delivering download links after the payment, minimizing the number of steps in the process of purchasing. In FetchApp users can create the orders manually, edit, reopen and resend them, and you can configure email in a simple drag-and-drop email builder tool.

It supports most popular payment processors like Paypal, Google Checkout, Shopify, Goodsie, FoxyCart. In few words, it’s simple enough to be used to sell a single product, but large enough to also accommodate record labels selling hundreds of tracks.

4. Sky Pilot


Sky Pilot is a Shopify app for selling files and videos

After checkout, your customer will be directed to a page within your store to download files and/or stream videos associated with their purchase. They will also receive a link to this page via email.

At any point a customer can login to their account in your store to access files or videos they have purchased. This page shows an organizable list of files and/or a playlist of all streaming videos.

Files/Videos can be organized into folders, allowing you to create easy-to-navigate delivery of many digital items.

All delivery pages are hosted within your Shopify store. It is completely customizable, with access to both basic settings and full code customization.

You can attach multiple files or videos to a product. Files/videos can be attached to physical products without affecting fulfillment status. This is important for merchants selling digital content as an add-on to physical products.

5. Single Music


This Shopify app helps you to sell music.


  • Digital Downloads: Album templates with tracklists and built-in audio previews. Fans can purchase individual tracks, full albums, and merch in one cart!
  • Physical Reporting: Tag your albums and fulfill your orders – we’ll take care of the rest. Reports are delivered automatically every day.
  • Simple Bundling: Include a digital copy of your music on any physical product and report those sales to SoundScan – instant grats too!

6. Digiloads


You can sell videos, ebooks, photos, audio, software, podcasts or any other type of digital file with Digiloads. Simply upload the file to our servers, choose the Shopify product to associate it with and they’ll take care of the rest.

7. CodesWholesale.com


This app helps you to sell digital games easily and fulfill orders automatically.

With CodesWholesale.com, you can:

  • Source digital games from 100% vetted distributors
  • Cut time spent on order management and order fulfillment
  • Sell round-the-clock hundreds of digital games

8. Digital Content Sales with DRM


This app allows you to sell virtually every digital content in a secure DRM protected way.

Supported content types include:

  • Video DVD (incl. menus, etc.)
  • Video (SD)
  • Video (HD)
  • Video (VR)
  • PDF, ePub
  • Audio Books
  • Music
  • HTML content packages
  • Software

9. Digital Asset Manager


This app is ideal for selling products/software with a unique activation code. It makes the whole process simple and painless.

  1. Select an existing product from your store
  2. Select product type – activation code or file download
  3. Upload the file or activation codes for that product

Then the app will take care of the rest – automatically send email to the customer with activation code or file download link when the customer paid for the product.

10. Downloadable Digital Assets

You can sell photos, videos, e-books, patterns, audio, software, podcasts or any other type of file. Simply upload the file to the server, choose the Shopify product(s) to associate it with and this app will take care of the rest.

Whenever your products are sold the app will automatically deliver a secure link to your customer. It doesn’t matter if you sell 1 or 100,000 products a day – everything is automated and there’s no daily management required. It does not add code to your theme or slow down your store in any way, just fast and reliable!


  • Send download emails from your own email address
  • No limit on file size – Upload any file size within your plan limit
  • Fraud protection (halt the automated download email if fraudulent)
  • Attach multiple files to a product
  • Upload and sell any file type
  • Masks download links so customers can’t share it
  • Download links on the ‘Order Summary’ page
  • We take no commission
  • Use your own server Amazon S3 server or use our servers
  • File protection (limit downloads per file, set access to expire after a chosen number of days, automatically remove access if order is refunded)
  • Files can be attached to physical products without affecting fulfilment status, easily allowing you to sell files bundled with a physical product
  • Replace files and send updates to customers
  • Intelligent automatic fulfilment of Shopify orders
  • Bandwidth and download tracking
  • The app does not add code to your theme or slow down your store in any way
  • Upgrade, downgrade and cancel anytime
  • Works with Buy Button app
  • Works with Point Of Sale


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