3+ Best Shopify Apps for Creating Variant Description

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Every variant of your product has a unique story to tell. But Shopify doesn’t support adding descriptions for each variant. Don’t worry too much because there are a ton of Shopify apps to help you do just that.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Variant Description Apps in 2024:

1. Variant Description OMG

If you need to display a different size chart, ingredients, weight, or dimensions for your product variants this app can help. The app is the solution for complex products, designed to enhance your product pages.

With this app, you can now add unique descriptions to product variants.

Use cases:

  • Explain better the variant features
  • Communicate different shipping times or availability information
  • Provide variant sizing information
  • Display variant materials or fabrics
  • Differentiate between different kits or combo packages

You can take complete control of your descriptions with a full-featured rich text editor, similar and easy to use to the native product editor:

  • Add images
  • Add videos
  • Add lists
  • Add links
  • Add tables
  • Use colors
  • Format text
  • Edit HTML code
  • SEO and accessibility friendly

You do not need a developer, it is easy to install and get up and running in just a few minutes.

Additionally, with custom events listeners and access to data, the app provides developers an easy way to extend the functionality on top of the exposed storefront API.


2. Variant’s Description

Variants Description Shopify app allows you to add a description to the product variants. Now you can add a variant description using this unbelievable app. Plus point of this app is this is a developer-friendly app developer can use HTML tag and modify your variant description in the very ultimate design.

Variant’s Description Shopify app designed to enhance the product page of your store. Currently, Shopify product backend settings have no way to add a description in the variant. Now with Variant’s Description, you can add a description in your product variant-wise and your store’s product page have much description according to variants.

Variant’s Description requires no coding. The app can automatically install itself in a few simple steps. One-click installation.


3. Product Description Tabs & FAQ

This app is one app that solves all problems related to Product Descriptions. You can use the app to show different product information based on the selected variant, like, size details, care instructions, technical details, etc for each variant


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