Top 10+ “Try Before You Buy” Shopify Apps

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For new customers visiting your store, uncertainty about the quality of products can hinder their purchasing decisions. To build trust or create favorable conditions for customers, there’s nothing better than allowing them to try out products before making a purchase and without incurring any costs. So how can you integrate these features into your Shopify store? This article will provide you with the best ‘Try Before You Buy’ Shopify apps. These apps are sure to be the foundation for businesses that want to be customer-centric in their business operations. Let’s start conquering customers and increasing sales.

What is the ‘Try Before You Buy’ app?

The ‘Try Before You Buy’ apps are tools that are integrated into stores to allow users to experience products or services before making a purchase decision. Customers can use sample products or be granted the opportunity to try out the products that they want to buy for a certain period completely free of charge. Adding the ‘Try Before You Buy’ app to the store will help customers have a real experience with the product. This will help them make purchasing decisions more quickly.

The Best ‘Try Before You Buy’ Shopify Apps For Your Store In 2024

Here is the list of the best ‘Try Before You Buy’ Shopify apps in 2024

1. TryNow: Try Before You Buy

The ‘Try Before You Buy’ is the best platform for customer-centric brands. You can elevate your brand to new heights by seamlessly integrating targeted try-before-you-buy programs into your Shopify store. With this innovative app, shoppers can bring the store directly to their doorsteps, unlocking unparalleled shopping experiences that not only delight but also drive substantial incremental revenue.

Plus, you can use the pre-built use cases – landing pages, on-site entry points, email marketing, and many more – to target specific customers and gradually build your program. From captivating landing pages to seamlessly integrated on-site entry points and sophisticated email marketing campaigns, this app provides the tools to precisely target specific customers, fostering a gradual and sustainable growth trajectory for your brand.


  • Pre-built use cases and drag-and-drop components enable easy installations
  • Control who accesses TryNow by creating TryLink entry points
  • Integrated with your returns process to auto-capture for kept items
  • View dashboards, manage orders, and configure your program in the Merchant Portal
  • Timely shopper email notifications ensure a seamless shopping experience


TryNow: Try Before You Buy App

2. Tryon: Safe Try Before You Buy

If you’re looking to differentiate yourself from competitors by offering try-at-home services, then “Tryon: Safe Try Before You Buy” is a tool you should try. This app helps provide the try-before-you-buy experience and leverages the $0 payment method to overcome any customer doubts. With just a few minutes of setup, you can add the try-before-you-buy experience directly to your store. Allow your customers to step out of the virtual world and try products at home while your money is 100% guaranteed. This app’s technology ensures worry-free buying and payment for kept items. Install this app now to gain customer trust and boost your sales by offering at-home trial versions.


  • 2-minute setup on 2.0 and 1.0 themes
  • Seamless integration with Shopify Payments and Paypal
  • Manage Tryon orders with the easy-to-use app
  • Customer email notifications at all steps of their order
  • Authorization hold to safeguard all payments


Tryon: Safe Try Before You Buy App

3. Try Before You Buy with Mirra

If you want to ensure that your customers achieve the ideal fit and style when they choose your product, let’s refer to the complimentary home try-on app.

This is an app that helps you elevate your sales strategy with the revolutionary try before you buy feature integrated with Mirra, offering a gateway to a realm of effortless shopping experiences. This app empowers your clientele to explore confidence and helps them enjoy the convenience of trying products within the sanctuary of their homes. This innovative approach not only facilitates seamless transactions but also fosters a deep-seated affinity for your brand, ensuring repeated engagement and brand loyalty.


  • Hassle-free returns: For both you and your customers
  • Removes risk: Payment details are stored when order is placed
  • Customer Portal: Customers take the lead, so no extra tasks for you


Try Before You Buy with Mirra App

4. Blackcart ‑ Try Before You Buy

To attract a wider customer base and reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC) why don’t you use ‘Blackcart ‑ Try Before You Buy’ for your store?

Blackcart’s Try Before You Buy (TBYB) is one of the best ‘Try Before You Buy’ apps that helps you acquire more customers by targeting uncertain shoppers. Customers can try your products at home, for some time of their choosing, and then decide which items to keep and pay for. TBYB converts store visitors to customers that would not have otherwise purchased. Add this app to your store to have more orders, with no additional marketing spend, which leads to lower customer acquisition costs and higher store profitability.


  • One-click add to storefront, cart, and checkout (Online Store 2.0)
  • Choose your customers’ trial period
  • Choose which products are eligible for Try Before You Buy
  • Analytics directly in your Shopify Dashboard


Blackcart ‑ Try Before You Buy App

5. TryOnify

TryOnify helps empower your prospects to take a chance on your brand by giving them a truly risk-free shopping experience. This app offers a free home trial to show customers how much you believe in your products. In return, they’ll buy more, more often. When integrating this app into your store, you can configure crucial settings such as trial length, product eligibility, and deposit amount.


  • Customers can sign up to try before they buy without leaving your store.
  • Automatically charge the outstanding order balance when the trial expires.
  • Branded customer returns portal.


TryOnify App

6. Huski Product Sample & memo

Huski Product Sample & memo is a simple and effective solution to enhance your customer’s shopping experience while boosting your sales and minimizing returns. This app is a creative solution that can have a big impact on your business. It’s simple to set up and manage and can provide a significant boost to your sales and customer satisfaction will be easier when you install this app. Allow your customers to try before they buy, and see the difference it can make for your store through this great app.


  • One-click to complete the process of sample order
  • Customer satisfaction with the ability to buy samples for free
  • Try before you buy with the sticky button
  • Language translation and customizing the design
  • Redirect option to cart or checkout


Huski Product Sample & memo App

7. Trials & Returns by WebGarh

Let’s offer customized purchase options to your customers with the “smart sell” app. Try before you buy helps you create multiple selling plans for each product. You can use the full power of Shopify with the smartsell app to increase revenues. Are you worried about the returns process when using this app? That’s not a problem, easy returns interface for your customers in the My Account area. Moreover, this app is very easy to use: you can create selling plans for any product, allowing your customers to fully experience your offerings before committing with a very intuitive interface.


  • Allow customers to try before they buy.
  • Ability to create multiple selling plans for each product
  • Easy Returns interface for customers.


Trials & Returns by WebGarh App

8. Samplio: Product Samples

Samplio is your ultimate e-commerce partner, this app is ideal for businesses seeking growth. Samplio helps enhance customer engagement and customization. It simplifies product sampling, delivering personalized samples, tracking preferences with advanced analytics, and seamlessly integrating bespoke widgets. Elevate your e-commerce journey with Samplio, ensuring a smoother, customer-centric experience.


  • Sample Management: Simplify handling for a great customer experience.
  • Analytics Insights: Data-driven decisions for boosting sales.
  • Widget Customization: Seamlessly match your brand’s look.
  • Translation Support: Speak your customers’ language.
  • Feedback Collection: Gather valuable customer input.


Samplio: Product Samples App

9. Product Samples

Product Samples helps you provide an extra feature for customers to order product samples for free or lower price directly from your store. This is a simple and creative solution to boost your sales, get a bigger basket, and lower returns. In addition, Product samples help you ensure each order for your store is a worthwhile investment for you and your customers. You can determine if an item fits your brand, meets your quality standards, and will live up to your customers’ expectations.


  • Boost your sales and lower returns
  • Ultimate customer satisfaction with the ability to buy samples for free
  • Detailed app’s metrics


Product Samples App

10. Sample Products ‑‑ Try N Buy

‘Sample Products ‑‑ Try N Buy’ is an app that lets customers choose the samples they are interested in and increase the average order value with samples. Through this app, merchants can offer customers sample products with orders if a specific total order value is met. You can offer samples in various categories, enhancing customer engagement. Try it now and delight customers with exciting choices with this great app.


  • Offer sample products alongside orders if a certain total order value is met.
  • Let your customers choose the sample products they’re interested in.
  • Provide sample products in different categories for a diverse selection.
  • Boost customer engagement by enticing them with exciting sampling options.
  • A dedicated support team is available to assist with any queries or concerns.


Sample Products ‑‑ Try N Buy App


This article listed the best ‘Try Before You Buy’ Shopify apps for you to bring an excellent customer experience. These Shopify apps allow your customers to step out of the virtual world and try out products completely free of charge. Customers can try your products at home for a period of their choosing, and then decide which items to keep and pay for. This creative approach not only facilitates seamless transactions but also fosters deep relationships with your brand, ensuring repeated engagement and brand loyalty. You can utilize predefined use cases – landing pages, in-store access, email marketing, etc to target specific customers and gradually build your program. ‘Try Before You Buy’ Shopify apps provide tools to precisely target specific customers, driving gradual and sustainable growth trajectories for your brand. Add this app to your store now to generate more orders without incurring additional marketing costs.

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