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If you are intending to implement a crowdfunding campaign on your website, the following applications will be the best solution for you. This app lets you raise funds to complete a normal project by providing customers with a way to donate. You can also create multiple projects and let your customers bid and donate for the one they wish to. Choose one of the apps that you think is the best fit for your store.

Here is the list of the best Shopify crowdfunding apps in 2024:

1. Crowdfunder

With over $3 billion pledged to crowdfunded projects, there’s no doubt that crowdfunding has exploded and changed the nature of pre-orders for entrepreneurs and consumers. But you don’t need to use a service like Kickstarter if you’re already running your own popular website.

In fact, you may be better off crowdfunding on your website. By running crowdfunded pre-order campaigns on your website, you control the entire process from beginning to end. You’ll save time, and fees, and gain flexibility.


2. Fundlify Crowdfund & Pre‑order

Fundlify is a powerful crowdfunding and pre-order solution that enables you to independently crowdfund your ideas, projects, and multiple production runs right on your Shopify store. You can easily launch amazing pre-order, group-buy, and flash sale campaigns. No platform fees.


  • Subscription-based – Zero platform fees.
  • Raise money, take pre-orders, and run flash sale campaigns.
  • You get to keep your customers’ data & traffic you drive to your store.
  • Assess product demand.
  • Take pre-orders now, and collect payments later.
  • Minimize or even eliminate refunds. 


3. Crowdfunding Manager

In the app, you can create a crowdfunding campaign where you can select which products from your store will participate. Such a product will have a “Fund it now” button (the name can be changed), statistics on donations/pre-orders, goals, and raised amounts. You can choose what information to display.

You can create several backing options with different amounts, e.g. “Pledge $25”, “Pledge $50”, “Pledge $100”. You will also be able to see statistics for each backing amount on the product page. Using Crowdfunding Manager, it is also possible to add a video to the product page to promote your concept.


  • Easy setup with no coding
  • Create an unlimited amount of crowdfunding campaigns
  • The fully customizable design of the crowdfunding widget
  • Continue or finish a campaign when you reach the target
  • Add a video to a product page
  • Keep your clients always informed
  • Set up several backing options with different amounts
  • Full statistics about every campaign


4. Rocket Crowdfund

Don’t need to spend a lot of hours working with developers, you have lots more time to focus on your business. With Rocket Crowdfund you can:

  • Build crowdfunding pages.
  • Page layout for mobile, tablet, and laptop.
  • Add a comments section to allow to your users share the experience.
  • Add community to show who is supporting your project.
  • Add updates to show how the project is going.
  • Add FAQ section to answer frequent questions to your possible backers.
  • Add a Campaigns section with several topics about your project, such as timeline, worries, story, who we are, and what is included. 


5. Crowd Funding

This app lets you raise funds to complete a normal project by providing customers with a way to donate. You can also create multiple projects and let your customers bid and donate for the one they wish to. Moreover, add a video to your campaign to make your cause more impactful in front of the audience hence resulting in a higher contribution. Let your donators know about the risks and challenges that will befall in the process and also, reward your donator for contributing towards the cause.


  • Multiple Projects can be created at a time.
  • An Informative Dashboard telling about all the current Campaigns/Projects with recent Notifications.
  • Admin can write and create multiple Campaigns/Projects.
  • Admin can set a Reward Amount for the People making the donations.
  • It’s up to the Admin/Store Owner, whether the Project Donation Progress is to be shown on StoreFront or not. 


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