The Shopify apps help to apply discount code before checkout page

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I have an article to teach you add the field allows fill discount code at cart page. If you’re more technical, you can follow this article to do this manually. If you consider yourself non-technical, there are Shopify app that help you.

1. Carter ‑ Coupons in Cart


This is a Shopify app, that helps you:

  • Add a coupon field in cart (cart page, ajax or drawer cart).
  • Create a smart deal: For example, 10% off on the cheapest product in cart + free shipping, within the same coupon code.
  • Promote your smart deal code: Share the code with your customers and make them happy.

This app will be compatible for over 50 popular themes. 95% of the themes sold in the Shopify Themes Marketplace at have a single-click setup ready thanks to premade configurations.

Customers crave for savings. Tell theme right in the cart how much money they will save if they complete their purchase.

2. Automatic Discount


This is a Shopify app, that will automatically apply discount code when the customer has completed the rules has been set up in advance.

You can create rules to apply a discount according to what’s in the shopping cart, based on:

  • Amount of the order
  • Total number of items
  • Number of the same item
  • Number of different items
  • Weight of the order
  • Product type
  • Vendor
  • Variant

In addition, you can combine rules for a single code with the operators (equal, not equal, bigger, smaller).

3. Discount Direct


This is a Shopify app, that helps to automatically apply discount code when the customer go to a special URL. After that, a notification will appear to let customers know that. Along with the countdown timer will prompt customers to quickly complete orders to receive incentives from coupons. Countdown timers are highly effective for e-commerce conversions.

You create and use as many campaigns/URLs as you need.

This app helps to skip traditional coupon codes and get customers to purchase much faster. In addition it helps convert more mobile shoppers and reduce cart abandonment.

4. Dcode ‑ Discount codes in Cart


This is a Shopify app, that let customers add their coupon code on the cart page by adding a discount box. It creates a discount box on the cart page (or any other page you like). Customers can redeem their discount code and see immediately how much they will save.

5. Voila: Coupon Discount on Cart


This app helps you to show an Apply Coupon field on the cart page. The shop owner can select the coupons you want to show on the cart page as a pop-up. And the customer can select one of them to apply.

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