Top 10+ Best Etsy Synchronization Apps for Shopify

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If you’re an online seller looking to expand your reach, then you’ve probably considered selling on multiple platforms. And one of the most popular platforms for handmade and vintage goods is Etsy. But managing inventory, orders, and listings on multiple platforms can be a headache. That’s where Etsy synchronization apps for Shopify come in handy. These apps allow you to sync your Shopify data with Etsy, so you can manage both platforms from one central location. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best Etsy synchronization apps for Shopify, so you can streamline your sales and focus on what you do best – creating amazing products!

Here is a list of the best Etsy synchronization apps for Shopify in 2024:

1. CedCommerce Etsy Integration

CedCommerce Etsy Integration is a Shopify app that allows you to perform actions on your products in bulk like editing and listing them on Etsy. You can even create shipping templates and templates for inventory and price management right within the app along with managing your shop sections and production partners. You can get notified of any errors related to product uploading, syncing, inventory failures, and order fetching. You can also manage the tax rates that you want to impose for different locations. With Profiling, you can manage your product categories, attributes, and shipping in bulk. There is automatic and regular syncing of inventory, price, etc., from Shopify to Etsy. You can experience personalized order management and ship orders with or without tracking. You can create pre-existing Etsy products on Shopify or link to older unlinked products. You can choose your desired inventory location to fulfill orders if you have multiple.


2. Etsy App

Etsy App is a Shopify app that allows you to reach millions of new buyers and create more sales. You can list your Shopify products on Etsy with just a few clicks. You can import and manage your Etsy orders in Shopify. You can link already active Etsy products to Shopify and keep your product data up to date. Your product data like prices, stock, or images on Etsy will be synced with Shopify for you. You will no longer have to do duplicate work.


3. Etsy: Sync Products & Orders

Etsy: Sync Products & Orders is a Shopify app that allows you to sync your inventory with Etsy in real time. The app can also sync/transfer products, images, SKUs, barcodes, prices, categories, and variants with Etsy. You can streamline inventory by automatically syncing products and inventory with Etsy. You can import/export products with images, SKUs, barcodes, prices, categories, and variants. You can push products automatically to Etsy with product syncing. You can fulfill easy orders automatically from Shopify with order syncing.


4. OE: Etsy Integration, Import

OE: Etsy Integration, Import is a Shopify app that helps sync, list, and optimize your Shopify products to multiple Etsy stores within clicks. You can swiftly sync all Shopify products to Etsy with no coding. Plus, OE: Etsy Integration, Import automatically modifies your Shopify product data to comply with Etsy guidelines before pushing them to Etsy to ensure the highest success rate and your product information is error-free, helping your products rank better on Etsy! You can filter and sync Shopify products to multiple Etsy stores with automatic updates. You can auto-modify Shopify product data before syncing to meet Etsy requirements. You can save time by assigning Shipping Templates & Profile Templates to similar items. You can adjust all Etsy products’ prices within clicks without leaving the app. You can map Shopify attributes to corresponding Etsy attributes for all products at once.


5. Shuttle ‑ Sync with Etsy

Shuttle – Sync with Etsy is a Shopify app that allows you to transfer and update your products between Etsy and Shopify and transfer your Etsy reviews, orders & customers to Shopify. You can maintain a two-way, real-time sync of stock levels, SKUs, and states to ensure matching inventories and say goodbye to overselling. You can save precious time by letting Shuttle automatically transfer your new products, reviews, and orders (with auto-fulfillment). You can automatically generate SKUs, convert prices, batch content editors, shipping profile matching, stock alerts, and much more. You can transfer and update products between shops and control what and how to update. You can automatically transfer newly received products, orders & reviews between shops. You can maintain a real-time sync of stock levels, SKUs, and states, with full reporting. You can display your great Etsy reviews in Shopify, with the auto-product assignment. You can manage all orders in Shopify, with automatic fulfillment (inc. tracking info).


6. Etsy Integration & Sync ‑ DPL

Etsy Integration & Sync – DPL is a Shopify app that helps you sync your Etsy listing, order, and inventory without any manual hassle. You can automate Etsy shop management. Etsy Integration & Sync app helps you to bulk upload your products from Shopify to Etsy and bulk import products from Etsy to Shopify. You can preserve Etsy’s SEO-optimized title and price and sync inventory in real-time both ways. This app helps you manage all Etsy orders in Shopify Dashboard and also helps you separate them from Shopify orders for bookkeeping. You can also separate VAT from your Etsy sales on Shopify. It also helps you prevent syncing Etsy Sales Tax to Shopify to avoid double tax. You can export your products from Shopify to Etsy. You can import your Etsy products to Shopify. You can have real-time inventory, order, and product sync between Shopify and Etsy. You can have powerful both ways to order fulfillment with/without the tracking numbers. You can have automatic syncing of price, title, images, etc. from Shopify to Etsy. You can sync VAT to Shopify even if the price is VAT-inclusive on Etsy.


7. Etsy Integration Inventory

Etsy Integration Inventory is a Shopify app that provides 3 main capabilities:

  • Export listings from Shopify to Etsy with a click of a button.
  • Bi-directional quantity sync between so you will never oversell.
  • Replicate orders from Etsy to Shopify (POD sellers, external suppliers)

This Shopify app will automate all of your daily tasks managing inventory between your stores and save you a ton of time so you can keep growing your biz. You can export unlimited listings to Etsy, categories, collections, variations, images, etc. You can have powerful two ways to quantity sync including variations and duplicate listings. You can replicate unlimited orders from Etsy to Shopify. You can manage all orders on Shopify. You can update your Etsy orders as fulfilled automatically with/without tracking. You can have powerful inventory management – view your store’s quantities side by side.


8. Etsy Integration ‑ ShopList

Etsy Integration – ShopList is an Etsy integration app used to sync with Etsy shop to send updates automatically. ShopList reduces most of the manual work by integrating Shopify with Etsy. All updates like stock and orders will be done automatically on a real-time basis. You can export/list products on Etsy in bulk. You can import products from Etsy in bulk. You can map/link the products between Shopify and Etsy. You can have real-time inventory & order syncing. You can have real-time sync of the product price, SKU, stock, title, description, etc. You can have automatic missing variations handling. You can have reusable categories and shipping profiles. You can manage products: Export to Etsy, Import from Etsy, and map/link with Etsy products. You can import orders automatically from Etsy and fulfill them with tracking information.


9. Etsy Connector

Etsy Connector is a Shopify app that enables Shopify users to integrate Shopify with Etsy. You can list Etsy products on your Shopify store and attain organized product and inventory management. The products can be created & synced between the platforms with just in a click. You can map the product attributes in a smooth way. In a few clicks, you can map the Etsy category with Shopify collections. Admin can set a price rule which can be used for the price difference between both shops. Orders get synced with your store which makes the management process very easy. The app lets you add Currency Conversion Rates. You can create newly added Shopify products/orders at Etsy automatically.


10. Etsy Order Sync ‑ Athlete

Etsy Order Sync – Athlete is a Shopify app that syncs your Etsy orders to your Shopify store, so you can ship all your orders from one place. Orders and fulfillments are synced in an average of 21 seconds. Thousands of orders, customers, and shipments are synced every day. Shipping methods, taxes, discounts, notes – everything works.



In conclusion, selling on multiple platforms can be overwhelming, but with the help of Etsy synchronization apps for Shopify, managing your online store can be made much easier. These apps provide a simple way to sync data between Shopify and Etsy, allowing sellers to manage both platforms from one central location. We have reviewed the top Etsy synchronization apps for Shopify, highlighting their features, pricing, and overall performance, to help sellers make an informed decision. By choosing the right app for their needs, sellers can streamline their sales, reduce their workload, and focus on creating amazing products. With the help of these apps, online sellers can take their businesses to the next level and reach a wider audience, making their mark in the world of e-commerce.

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