The Best Shopify Military & Veteran Exclusive Discounts Apps

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Some stores want to offer discounts for military personnel or certain occupations. The problem however is how to properly confirm the identity of the customer to send a discount. If you are using the Shopify platform to build your online store then there are Shopify apps from 3rd party help you.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Exclusive Discounts Apps:

1. GovX ID Exclusive Discounts

GovX ID allows you to easily and securely target discount offers to the military, law enforcement, firefighters, nurses, healthcare workers and government employees.

The GovX ID software embeds directly into your store and protects your discount offer by ensuring only eligible customers are able to access a code. Verification happens in real-time and customers never leave your store. With GovX ID, there is no fraudulent use or coupon abuse.

You can customize your offer to target just the groups you want.

  • Military: Current and former members of the U.S. Military, including active duty, Veterans and reservists.
  • First Responders: Current and former federal, state and local law enforcement, fire and medical personnel (inc. nurses, EMTs, paramedics and hospital physicians)
  • Military Families: Military family members including spouses and dependents.
  • Government Employees: Federal, state and local government employees.
  • Teachers: Public and private school teachers and staff (K-12 and University)


2. Exclusive Discounts

Customers verify within a popup on your website. Verification usually takes less than 30 seconds. Afterwards, your customer receives a unique, single-use discount code to your store.

  • Select groups and discount settings (amount & collections).
  • Create a new page.
  • Link to your new page from the header or footer.

By combining authoritative data sources with a fast, easy-to-use popup window, customers are able to quickly proceed with your exclusive offers.

All groups are enabled with a toggle switch.

  • Military Discount: Includes Military, Veterans and Dependents (spouse/child).
  • Responder Discount: Includes Police/Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and EMT/EMS
  • Medical Discount: Includes Physicians/Doctors, Nurses, NHS and all other healthcare workers
  • Teacher Discount: Includes Pre-K, K-12 and University Professors
  • Student Discount: Includes U.S. & U.K. Students with an eligible e-mail
  • Senior Discount: Includes all Senior Citizens aged 50+
  • Commercial Driver Discount: Includes all drivers with a Commercial Driver’s License
  • Non-Profit Discount: Includes all employees of 501(c)(3) business
  • Disadvantaged Discount: Includes all people on SSI/SSDI, EBT/SNAP or Unemployed


3. Group Verification’s e-commerce solution allows online retailers to verify eligibility for exclusive benefits and discounts in real-time. currently verifies military/veterans, students/alumni, teachers, first responders, nurses, government employees, healthcare providers, corporate employees and age groups.


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