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Imagine that you have a great photo, however the background of that photo is not a good one and doesn’t go well with the overall photo. What you should do? In this article, we are going to introduce you some best Shopify apps, with which you can do it without any difficulties. So, these best Shopify apps will help you a lot in removing an image background.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Remove Image Background apps in 2024:

1. Easy Photo Background Remover

This app gives you the chance to shine against completely clear photo backgrounds. By harmonizing images across your entire store, you remove distractions, help your customers focus on your products and make more sales in the end.

Thanks to the clever artificial intelligence, you will be able to remove the background of any photo from your products with just one click. You can even choose the background color, to perfectly match the design of your store.

No need to do any editing on your side, the AI does everything for you. It automatically detects your subject in foreground and will beautifully and intelligently remove the background.

Once the app is installed, the only action you need to take is pressing a button for each photo you want to apply the algorithm to.

If you don’t want a plain white background behind your photos, you can choose the color you want in a color picker to perfectly match your store design.

The app also helps you backup your photo, so you can reset the photo to its original state in one click!

With this app, you can remove up to 15 backgrounds at the same time!


2. Delete Backgrounds Pro

This Shopify app helps to remove backgrounds from photos in one-click. This app doesn’t have any membership plans. You just purchase the credits you need and can even refund your remaining credits anytime within 30 days of purchasing! You can see what your photos will look like before having to pay! So, if you don’t like the results, don’t worry its free.


3. Pixcleaner Background Remover

This app has features as below:

  • Handle images with precise subjects detection features to automate the background removing process.
  • Designed and trained on millions of images to recognize fur, hair and other fine details in your images successfully.
  • Do a better job of preserving object boundaries.
  • Enhance images or do fascinating post-processing by adding shadow and setting a uniform, gradient or a custom background.
  • When not convinced by the outcome, the owner can supervise the foreground extraction by using the latest advanced editing tools and complete the background removal.
  • If satisfied with the final results, owners can export and publish directly by one-click purchase, which is equal to one credit.
  • Perform the fastest and the best product segmentation with the highest quality and exactness with full controlling.


4. ProductPix

Product Pix is an app that removes the background from your product photos. It will retouch your photos to perfection, optimize their size to make your page load faster.


  • Every photo the app delivers is reviewed by a human graphic designer. Perfection is guaranteed.
  • You never have to manually edit a result.
  • The prices are insanely low – 10 free credits, $0.35/photo after.
  • Every photo you upload improves the results
  • Every photo you upload is optimized for space, reducing photo size 2x-4x. This makes your page load faster while keeping perfect photo quality


5. UPLOAD ‑ Auto Photo Retouching

The app will help you remove background & recommended composition of product images with AI.

With this app, the AI will detect the product and remove the background automatically. The only thing you need to do is click the button. The AI also recommends a suitable composition and background. What’s more, you can add shadow to make the products look gorgeous.


  • Remove background automatically
  • Create new background automatically
  • Customizable colorful background
  • Recommend composition automatically
  • Backup and management features


6. Swap Photo Editor

Swap Photo Editor is the go-to Shopify app for merchants looking to edit their photos quickly!

  • Remove backgrounds
  • Remove logos and watermarks
  • Add text
  • Resize and Crop photos
  • Compress images


7. Imuge ‑ Auto Background Eraser

There is no need for green and red lines to make your image looking great, just install Imuge and select a product image, wait some seconds and the job is done, the right way.

This app use a stunning algorithm which detects objects in foreground, so the only requirement is that your product must be in front of a background, which is the case in most images.

With Imuge you can

  • Save time and nerves
  • Present great product images on your shop
  • Great customer experience


8. CutOutWiz

The CutOutWiz app lets you edit raw photos and get professional-grade product images within 12-18 hours with the fewest clicks, integrating seamlessly with your Shopify store.

Designed specifically for e-store merchants with high volume of products, image editing services available through the app include: background removal, color correction, retouching, clipping path, ghost mannequin, manipulation, image masking, shadow creation and raster to vector conversion.


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