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The rise of online shopping has been great for businesses attracting more customers. However, is your business really running efficiently? Do you consult fully and do not miss any customers? Unanswered questions are losing you real sales every day. Imagine how much customers will trust your business when you call them back within minutes or even seconds of your request, answering their questions with a genuine smile. fresh and learn more about their needs. It’s time for your store to make a difference when we have too more competition than ever before. With the following great apps, you will easily integrate the callback icon on your Shopify store.

Here are the best Shopify apps for callback request in 2024:

1. Callback Request

No matter how much information you put on your website, most visitors won’t take the time to read it all. Time-saving convenience is a key factor in customers making a decision. This is why it’s so important to offer callback options. It’s easy, and lightweight, for a customer to simply request you call them back. There is no waiting on hold, no waiting for a live chat agent, and, best of all, no waiting for a “contact form” email reply. This great app will help you do just that. It helps turn visitors into qualified phone leads and sales calls. Most businesses using Callback see a 25% conversion on our phone or SMS conversations. Let’s install and enjoy the benefits that it brings.  


2. Callback

Callback app helps you grow your business quickly. You will be able to call back your customers faster than your competitors thus sell faster. It creates a brand new business process – sales funnel that will add confidence to your trademark. Make your brand more valuable. This will definitely mean more orders and thus revenue for your shop. When the customer clicks on the callback widget and enters his phone number, date, and time suits them. You will instantly get an email notification about this with all available customer details and a new customer record in the Customers section of your store with all callback details in notes. Customers’ default pre-filled callback time is 1 hour after they make a request. You always have time to get more information about the product and answer all the customer’s questions when you call back over the phone, Viber, WhatsApp, or any other messenger.


3. Callback Button

Through this app, you can add a “Callback request” button to your Shopify store to increase the number of leads you receive. Callback Button adds a highly customizable “Callback request” button to your product pages. Your customers can choose if they want to be contacted via phone, SMS, or WhatsApp. You can modify these contact options depending on your preferences. Select your own colors and labels to match your store’s design. Especially for higher-value or customized products, adding a way for your customers to easily talk to you can greatly increase your conversion rates. With Callback Button, your customers simply have to enter their phone number and wait for you to contact them.


4. MorrCalls: Callback Requests

Are you not able to answer the phone? Are customers trying to contact you outside the opening hours? MorrCalls: Callback Requests gives you the option to contact customers at a time that suits both you and the customer.

Customer contact is the key to a good business. But not every business owner can be available 24/7 to answer phone calls from (potential) customers. Understand that, the MorrCalls app gives your customers that 24/7 support, so you won’t miss out on leads. Give your customers the option to receive a callback to answer their questions at a different time. You will get an instant notification when a callback request comes in. Start using our app today and let your business grow.


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