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If your business has multiple locations, Shopify store locator apps can prove to be useful additions to your website. Motel chains, gas stations, chain stores, beauty parlors can all benefit from adding store locator apps. They help users find your business locations easily. These apps rely on Google Maps for displaying locations. Consequently, you’ll be able to take advantage of Google Maps features as well, such as the different map views, geolocation and directions to reach the nearest store.

1. Bold Store Locator


Bold Store Locator was the original Shopify store locator app. It is an extremely powerful app that allows you to add a “Store” or “Dealer” locator section to any Shopify website. Customers enter their postal code, it locates the closest store, gives all the details, hours, etc, and driving directions are built right in!

2. Store Locator by Secomapp


The Store Locator enables you to add addresses of physical retail stores to your website just in a few clicks. This app allows you to add unlimited stores as you need and display them on a separate page using Google Maps. Customer can easily find a near store then get instant directions on Google Map.

3. Map + Store Locator


Easily help customers find your stores, events and products in a fully customizable map and store locator right from your Shopify site.

  • Map + Store Locator is fully functional in seconds.
  • Intuitive location panel lets users jump between multiple locations.
  • Choose between satellite, roadmap, or hybrid maps.
  • Highly customizable design: Custom fonts, borders, backgrounds and more.
  • Map + Store Locator supports text in any language.
  • Map + Store Locator is mobile responsive on any device.

4. Stockist Store Locator


This app offer this thoughtfully designed store finder that’s perfect for your stores, dealers, distributors, and more. The interactive map will delight your customers with its simplicity and increase your in-store sales. Plus, their insightful search analytics show exactly where visitors are looking for your products.

5. Store Locator by Metizsoft


Metizsoft Store Locator app offer them a easy to use, highly scalable and customisable solution to help customers find their stores and easily reach there. However big a spike of traffic volume your store locator app needs to deal with, this store locator app will never crash and continue working in all situations. This is a store locator app for easy to use interface and rich set of features.

6. Store Locator by Storemapper



  • Sync data automatically from Google Docs spreadsheet, your Shopify account or 100s of other data sources. Forget uploading .CSV files.
  • Storemapper makes adding 1,000s of locations painless and fast for you or your team.
  • Powerful analytics suite lets you see where customer are searching for your products and where they can’t find them.
  • Add a store locator to your Facebook Page.
  • Beautiful mobile UI with native apps for directions, click to call and native GPS.
  • Beautiful map color themes to match your branding.
  • Highlight and promote your top retailers with tiering.

7. Maps by Develic


This app is free for partners and merchants to install in your development stores!

Maps by Develic is a simple yet powerful store locator application for Shopify stores. Bring more customers to your business by showing them where they can get your products or services offline!

8. Store Locator by Lifter Apps


Easily add a beautiful and feature rich store locator to your Shopify website. Increase your sales by helping your customers find where your products are sold offline. The Store Locator from Lifter Apps has the perfect balance of powerful features and an easy to use back-end interface at an affordable price.

9. Closeby ‑ Store Locator



  • Embeddable map widget with custom theming options
  • Location-specific details such as open hours, images, phone number and more
  • Google Sheets integration and simple user interface
  • Search and sort by distance
  • Analytics for location views, searches and devices used
  • Automatic links for one-click directions and calling on mobile
  • Beautiful design for mobile browsers and the best UX possible

10. Google Maps ‑ Store Locator


Google Maps – Store Location not only enables your customers to find the store nearest to them, it allows them to get directions to the shop without leaving your website. This Shopify plugin also lets you add useful information to each listing, including store hours, an image of the location, the email address, and a phone number, and you can customize the color of any map element.

11. Store Locator ‑ W3


W3Trends is proud to bring you a super simple and easy to use store locator. It’s as simple as adding your locations and letting your customers find you! You don’t need to worry about setting up complicated “Map API keys”. You can have your store locator up and running in 5 minutes.

12. Find a Store


If your shop has physical locations, then you have to check out this Shopify app that makes it easier for your customers to locate their nearest stores. Find a Store comes with support for kilometers and miles, it has a responsive design, making it compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and it will even provide your customers with Google Maps directions to your stores.

13. Simple Map


SimpleMaps allows you to add a simple map to your store to visualize orders or store locations. Our maps use a clean design rather than the cluttered look of street-level maps like Google Maps.

14. Awesome Store Locator


With Awesome Store Locator you can import thousands of locations using an Excel spreadsheet, making it ideal for businesses both large and small. Plus, this store locator Shopify app will provide your customers with Google Maps directions, so they shouldn’t have any trouble finding your shop, it has a responsive design, and it comes with lots of customization options for you to play with.

15. Bullseye Store Locator


Bullseye’s Shopify Store Locator App is a sophisticated store, product, and dealer locator app that can be added to your Shopify store in minutes without the help of a developer. Their HTML5, responsive interface is designed to serve up the optimal search interface regardless of the user’s device and makes it easy for your customers to quickly find the locations nearby that carry your products.

16. MapifyPro


MapifyPro let’s you create gorgeous, powerful maps, each with their own locations and dozens of incredible features. Plus, our maps just look really good, and can be up and running in minutes via the intuitive admin. MapifyPro can be used for any mapping project… the options are virtually limitless.

Their standard maps offer the familiar feel of Google Maps and all the behavior you’ve come to expect. Beyond this, you can also use any image as your map. Their system will render your image into a zoom-enabled map that includes nearly all features of their standard maps (with the exception of GPS-based features).

17. ListR Store Locator



  • Show a searchable Google Map on your Shopify site and/or an easy to consult store list. Also supports displaying featured stores, and custom sorting and grouping options.
  • Customize display of store name and group headings; whether to show full address or just city, state, zip; number of rows; map height and location; and more!
  • Let your customers see all your stores at a glance, for better SEO and a more impressive display. Users can browse to see if you are carried at their favorite stores.
  • Shows your locations on Google Maps. Easy to setup and geolocate your locations. Automatically centers your map on your locations, or set a default zoom level and map center.
  • Feature special locations, like marquee stores, to show your customer the best places to purchase your products. Customize display of your featured stores, even show above the map.

18. Store Pick‑up by Sketch Themes


This app helps the customer to pick-up directly from the store based on their preferred time. All you need to do is get that customers order ready at that Store location before the pick-up time. You will see the Store pickup Location with Date and time in the order details. Being a Store Owner you can set the Pick-Up date and time from Apps Backend. For example, if you are providing pick-up on Sunday between 8 AM to 6 PM, no worries you have control from app backend.

By using Store Pickup, optimize customer’s shopping experience and services of your store. It is an entirely automated application in which the user can select any store location, date and time according to their convenience and take pickup of product from whichever store they want.

19. Widgetic (Maps)


Use this app to add personalized Google maps on your website. We made it trivial to customize not only the looks of the map but also the markers.

Custom images can be used for every marker. For example, you can use real store photos for every location you add. This will help guide users when they reach street level.

You can also provide alternative details in the tooltip. We suggest you add the timetable, a full address, and a phone number.

20. Karibu Store Locator


This app uses the Google Maps interface. It gives better search results, driving directions, uses the same search tool Google Maps does!

Amazing features of Karibu Store Locator App:

  • Create Unlimited number of shops or dealer locations.
  • Drag and drop the markers to your exact location.
  • Create search filters for your shops with options like “Open 24 Hours” or “Wi-FI” and more!
  • Create extra fields for each location. For example “Managing Director” or “Special Instructions” and more!
  • Customers can get directions to any of your locations or dealers with one click!
  • Search by address, zip or postal code, or just city.
  • Customize Font colors, drop pin color, and html descriptions above or below it, change the units from km to miles and much more.
  • It’s fully responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Customize all the titles, wording, button text, results text.
  • Customize map size, and other map options like “starting point”,”zoom level” and more!
  • Add shops one at a time, or import them using our wizard.
  • Mobile Friendly! Works on any device with no changes… It just works.
  • Create customized groups for your shops to display them differently.
  • Export all shops in neat and tidy CSV file.
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