7+ Best Shopify Virtual Try-on Apps

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Do your customers still prefer street shops over your e-shop for beauty and fashion products so they can try before they buy? Do you experience a high rate of returns because your clients find out your products do not suit them after they have already received them?

You can fix all these issues by integrating the virtual try-on feature for your Shopify store.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Virtual Try-on Apps:

1. Glasses & Accessories Try‑on

This app enables your customers to try all your products while browsing your shop – without ever leaving home.


  • Supports eyeglasses, shades, colored and themed contact lenses, necklaces, earrings, hats, scarves and many more
  • HTML5 technology – works flawlessly with Android, iOS and Windows based browsers
  • Automatic face detection for easier alignment of the product on customer’s photo
  • Easy to integrate and configure with no programming skills needed
  • Customizable graphic layout and positioning on product & catalog pages to best fit your needs
  • Avatars/models included and can be added/changed per your preference


2. Lololooks | Virtual Try‑On

After installing Lololooks, set buttons and background colors that suits the brand. You can change the icon, background color, and text color of a button.

Once Lololooks is installed, a virtual try-on button appears on both PC and mobile devices. AI Lolo analyzes and recommends new products based on what the customers tried on. With one selfie that shows both ears, virtual try-on is possible for any product.


3. Decorative cosmetics try‑on

This is the same with Glasses & Accessories Try‑on app. But this app is working for all beauty products: eye-shadows, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, mascaras, lipsticks, glitter, foundations, blushes and many more.


4. YouCam Makeup

With this app, your customers can try on makeup products from the comfort of their own home. Customers can virtually try on products before they buy directly in your e-shop, using innovative digital beauty technology.


  • Support Various Beauty Product Tryouts: Product options include lipstick (7 different textures from matte to metallic), eyeliner, eyeshadow and blush.
  • Easy Integration, No Programming Skilled Needed: Supported by all e-commerce sites via web API; compatible with many Android, iOS, and Windows-based browsers.
    True-to-life AR Makeup: Advanced AR makeup tech allows for accurate makeovers perfectly applied to a customer’s face.
  • Apply in Live Cam & Photo Mode: Customers can try live makeup on themselves or by taking a selfie, or see the try-on effect on many different models per your needs.
  • Easy-to-see Before and After Effect: Let your customer see the effects of your products in an instant.


5. Jewelfie

Jewelfie is an innovative way of creating the same experience in your online stores. With Jewelfie you can get best of store and online environments!

Jewelfie app adds a virtual trial room to your online store. It creates “try” buttons next to the “buy” for the digital catalogue. Customers are then directed to Jewelfie app where they can try necklaces, earrings and pendants on their selfies. Customers can create and maintain up to 5 different looks on which they can try jewelry online. Customers can save their images with the jewelry as a “Jewelfie”. Ability to compare Jewelfies side-by-side can help customers decide the right product which looks good on them. Customers can return to the buying cart and complete their purchase by clicking on “buy” from the Jewelfie module.


6. Glazfit

Glazfit is developed for Eyeglasses Retailers

Glazfit adds the try-on feature on your website in the form of a Try On button. When a customer clicks on the Try On button, a window shows up allowing her to try virtual 2D eyeglasses by uploading her photo or taking photo directly using camera. This feature helps optical stores increase purchases by giving customers a means to be more confident to buy glasses online.

The cutting edge algorithms automatically detect and fit the eyeglasses to customer’s face. The customers do not have to do anything.


7. ProFit

Introducing ProFit – The single, most effective tool your online clothing store will ever need. An easy to use Virtual Fitting Room that will save you all the undesired headaches by:

  • Analyzing your customers’ body shapes and sizes based on their usual previous fitting with famous brands, then our world-class artificial intelligence and algorithms will do the rest for them.
  • Recommending the most suitable sizes, with a 98% accuracy, for the apparel your customers are looking at. Accurate product recommendations positively promote activity on your platform and turn regular browsing into sales.
  • Taking out the guesswork and risk factor for your customers and reducing the return rates due to incorrect fitting all the way down to almost 0-5%.
  • Providing insights into customers and products, along with useful analysis, using pie charts and line charts, allowing you to make useful and streamlined decisions for your fashion retail business.


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