How to post test data to check ReCharge Subscription app webhooks

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ReCharge Subscription is a Shopify app that helps to provide the ability to add recurring billing options for Shopify ecommerce platform. In addition to basic features, ReCharge gives you a robust API, webhooks. This is one of the features that is considered to be very useful to shop owners to scale and customize your subscription business.

Previously, after setting up the webhook, you could not perform data creation for testing because ReCharge did not support it. But now ReCharge has added support for testing webhooks, leveraging the latest, highly performant webhook architecture!

It mean you can use the ReCharge API and POST to the following URL, using a webhook_id that you have registered using your API Token:<webhook_id>/test

Immediately following your request, a webhook with empty payload will be delivered to the registered address. This enables users to quickly and easily verify that they can receive Webhooks from ReCharge.

For details, and to learn more about ReCharge Webhooks, you can visit the API documentation here.

Hura Apps is a ReCharge’s Partner. We work on setting up subscription products using the ReCharge app which involves recurring billing based on the weekly, Monthly, Yearly subscriptions. We can also work with API of the app to help custom anything as your request. Let’s us help you create a subscription based ecommerce website on Shopify.
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