10+ Best Shopify Estimated Delivery Date Apps

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When ordering a certain product, customers often want to know “Where is their order? and When can they get their order?”. To help customers answer these questions, your store needs to integrated one an Estimated Delivery Date tool. Estimated Delivery Dates are very much essential for all types of eCommerce businesses. When you integrate this app, it will help set up specific rules to display different estimated delivery timer settings for any product or collection on your store. This will give your customers more peace of mind when purchasing. What’s more, the benefits that this app brings are beyond your expectations. This application also provides more ideas of messages to help you boost conversion rate and sales. Let’s follow the best Shopify estimated delivery date apps.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Estimated Delivery Date apps in 2024:

1. Delivery Timer Countdown Time

Delivery Timer Countdown Time is an application that helps improve conversions by letting your customers know when their order will be processed, dispatched, and delivered. Providing this information to your customer can create urgency to secure that order today. Furthermore, the timer can hide once the order-by deadline has passed for the current day and will reappear at midnight for the next day. This way you don’t deter customers from ordering if they are later on in the day. alternatively, you can have the timer always show to continue urgency for the next shipping day.


  • Show Countdown Timer (Cut off time / Order-by deadline)
  • Urgency Based Timers
  • Display Estimated Delivery / Shipping Dates
  • Display Store Lead Time
  • Create Multiple Timers for Products/Collections
  • Get it by motivation
  • Custom Dispatch Days
  • Ship Timer
  • Customize frontend widget


2. Estimated Delivery Date Range

Estimated Delivery is very much essential for all types of eCommerce businesses. Displaying the Estimated Delivery Date increases users’ trust & authenticity in the store and the products. The seller can set a piece of clear information on the date & day of product arrival that helps to push the customer decision-making process. Delivery information suggests the brand’s presence, confidence, and commitment to providing the best customer experience. Let’s install this app and enjoy the benefits that it brings.


  • Set Country/product/collection/tag wise expected delivery date range & message
  • Highlight the widget using Icon, text, font styling, country flag & name, etc.
  • Ready-to-use designed templates
  • Set Cut off-time (Non-working days)
  • Select min lead & max lead days for the order delivery message
  • Target all/specific products estimated range
  • Import & Export CSV file to elevate manual work
  • Set Customized position for arrival message bar
  • Messages can be displayed on single or multiple pages


3. Estimated Shipping Date

This app solves one of the biggest questions from your customers: “Where is my order? Stop leaving them hanging” because, with the Estimated Shipping Date, the product delivery information will be displayed right in front of the customer’s eye. With hassle-free configuration, no coding is required, 7 Days Free Trial, this app more and more stores integrated. It not only provides transparency with estimated shipping info for your customer but also gains more trust, generates a successful deal.


  • Set and show estimated shipping dates for specific products, collections, vendors, or the entire store
  • Display your estimated message on the product page, cart page, check out page, thank you page, an order history page, order status page, and order confirmation email.
  • Show estimated shipping date and information based on customers’ ZIP code (shipping fee & time; courier type etc.)
  • Show estimated shipping date based on your country lists and your customers’ country address.
  • Set weekly days off and public holidays in a year so your customers know your shipping time unavailability.
  • Set up a countdown timer to show the order deadline.


4. Estimated Delivery Date ‑ ETA

By Visitor location (GeoIP) based date calculation and add a delivery timer on the product page, ETA solves one of the biggest questions from your customers: “When can I get my order?”. It helps you show shipping messages or ETA information right under the “Add to Cart” button. The estimated delivery message will be displayed on the product page, cart page, check out page, order status page. So your customer visualizes an exact day when they can get the package. This can contribute to a boost in conversion rates.


5. Order Delivery Estimation

The biggest worry to all customers is when they will receive their order. But when you integrate this app into your store, order delivery estimates will be simpler, the problem of your customer will be solved. This app allows the customer to see an accurate estimation of delivery with a date. No Coding Necessary – Admin doesn’t need to know any coding to set this up. Any layman can use this utility to set delivery dates for each of their products to improve conversion rates and sales.


6. Estimated Delivery Date: Boost

As a senior e-commerce merchant, you should feel how important the sense of trust, scarcity, and urgency are to promoting sales. For this purpose, a sale boost will provide you with a series of solutions (Unrealized functions will be continuously developed). Sale Boost is a multi-functional application that can provide more services to increase your sales. Currently supports the estimated delivery date and stock countdown timer and visitors counter functions. You should use the Sale Boost application to provide more services to promote your sales. 

Estimated delivery date features:

  • Display your estimated date message on the product page, cart page, checkout page, etc…
  • Set country/product/collection expected delivery date range and message

Stock countdown timer features

  • Set random or actual stock values, Works with product variants
  • Customize the message, complete text color, boldness & size, and design control to match your brand
  • Can be used for Special day sales (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mother’s day, New year) Limited-time promotions Clearance sales Daily deals

Visitors counter features

  • Display your number of visitors messages on the product page (This number is refreshed every 10 seconds)
  • Works out-of-the-box—no complicated theme installation or coding required


7. Order Deadline ‑ Delivery Date

This is one of the best apps on Shopify. Order Deadline ‑ Delivery Date app is established as the best & original delivery counter for creating urgency & better conversion for your store. It helps answer your customers’ two biggest barriers to ordering: When will I get it? and How long do I have left to place my order? Moreover, it offers advanced features like notification email support, cart page, meta field mapping, overrides, cart attributes, line item properties & more. The special thing of this app is highly flexible and customizable yet requires zero modifications to your store’s theme files! No technical knowledge is required.


  • Optional delivery date range
  • Next dispatch date and/or next delivery date
  • Optionally show on the view cart page
  • Automatically disable the timer when the next dispatch date is too long
  • Set store holiday dates or carrier holiday dates
  • Override settings by product or by entire collections
  • Compatible with other apps such as Aftership
  • Delivery date, shipping date, delivery range date, preorder date, back-in-stock date.


8. Delivery Estimation

When there is no information on the arrival date, most customers find it annoying. When they have to leave the product page and look for the details on shipping time, the conversion rates drop. This also means if your store provides a clear picture of a product’s arrival, your customers are more inclined to buy from you. This app shows what you want. You can set delivery profiles of your products by setting processing time and estimated delivery days. Based on your input, this app will calculate and show delivery information to your customers. A calculated delivery date based on the visitor’s location hangs right on the product page. Which leads to more sales and high customer satisfaction.


9. Estimated Delivery Date by EDD

Internet shoppers want their items as fast as possible – they are far more likely to buy something if they know it’ll arrive on time. This app will add the estimated delivery date on your product page and give buyers accurate delivery estimations based on their IP address or ZIP code. Using Estimated Delivery Date, you’ll be able to add an optional countdown timer to the product page to inform customers when they should order by if they would like to receive their product by a certain date. By creating a sense of urgency, buyers are more likely to proceed to the checkout and buy your product there and then, increasing your conversion rate and maximizing your profits. The world’s largest online retailer displays the estimated delivery date on the product page. Why don’t you?

The benefits that it brings:

  • Add estimated delivery date to product page based on a buyer IP address or ZIP code
  • Countdown timer to delivery date cut off creates a sense of urgency
  • Integrates with USPS or FedEx to provide the most accurate date possible
  • You can also set a custom transit time


10. Free Shipping & Delivery Date

Would you like to improve your website conversion by letting your visitors know when their order will be delivered? Free Shipping & Delivery Date app is the solution for you. You can use the app to show a website visitor order deadline, shipping display dates, estimated shipping time, or any delivery message on any place on your website. This app allows you to add a widget with shipping information or any custom text anywhere on the website, but to get the best results, I recommend adding it to the product page and cart page. This is a fantastic sales motivator for your website. 

Besides, the application also provides more ideas of messages to help you boost conversion rate and sales:

  • Free Shipping for orders over $XX
  • Limited stock
  • All payments are secured and encrypted
  • 30-day free return policy
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Sale ends today


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