The Best Shopify Apps to Create and Sell Courses Online

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Online learning is a growing trend due to its accessibility and lower cost compared to traditional learning institutions. You can create your own online learning courses to share your knowledge, generate passive income, and establish yourself as an expert in the field.

You can use Shopify to create and sell online learning content in a number of ways. You can bootstrap the learning by selling content access, and creating pages and blog posts with different learning materials. These are the best Shopify apps to create and sell courses online.

  1. Thinkific ‑ Online Courses
  2. Courses & Elearning
  3. Courses

1. Thinkific ‑ Online Courses


Thinkific’s powerful education platform makes it easy to share your knowledge, grow your audience, and scale the business you already love. Whether you’re educating 10 students or 10 million, feel confident that you’ve got easy-to-learn technology coupled with incredible support.

Thinkific lets you quickly upload, drag & drop content to create the perfect curriculum. It’s simple enough to launch a course quickly, but powerful enough for the most demanding online schools — no coding required.

It keeps students engaged with rich multimedia course content including video, text, downloads, quizzes, surveys, assignments, discussions, Typeforms, and Google Docs.

You can customize the way your course system runs with the click of a button using features like prerequisite lessons, multiple instructors, drip schedule content, cohorts, evergreen and expiring content, and membership sites.

2. Courses & Elearning


Inflowkit helps you sell courses, elearning and educational content on your shopify store. Inflowkit will host your videos, pdfs, audio, presentations and other course material in a easily manageable single location.

Use cases

  • Training: Offer video and html training content on your store
  • Selling courses: Sell prerecorded courses.
  • Online Virtual classrooms: Publish and sell virtual classrooms.
  • Ebooks: Publish and sell ebooks and pdf files.
  • Digital downloads: Sell digital files that your customers can download.


  • Members dashboard: a dashboard for your members to access courses.
  • Layouts: predefined page layouts to enable you create complex pages faster.
  • Access control: limit access of individual pages and decide which pages are freely accessible or which pages require paid membership.
  • Advanced editing: use markdown language to create advanced content pages.
  • Course outline: auto generate course outline that is modifiable and editable to your liking.
  • Content protection: your content is protected through our advanced technology that prevents unauthorized sharing.
  • Video player and hosting: play different types of video content on your course from your uploaded video files or from externally hosted platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Audio player: embed audio in your page content.
  • PDFs and presentations: embed PDFs and presentations on your pages.
  • File downloads: offer file downloads on your course.
  • Quizzes and question: create quizzes and questions.
  • Manage members: view and suspend members from selected courses.
  • Course expiry: set expiry period of your courses.
  • Templates: use templates specific to your industry to quickly get your courses published.

3. Courses


Courses app allows you to create lessons and sell them online. You will be able to add necessary materials to your products (courses) – text with all necessary formatting, images, embedded videos, etc (in a similar way to Udemy, Coursera, Lynda). In case if webinars format works better for you, you can embed online videos or even live streams into lesson’s contents.

This app has created a new page that lists all online courses purchased by the customer. When clicked, every course will display sections of lessons you created in admin and all lessons material. The app remembers lessons completed by customers so it’s easy to start right where customer left the course.

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