How to send web push notifications to your subscribers automatically using Push Monkey

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Whether you are the owner of a large or small store, the store’s revenue is a factor of top concern. You do everything, integrate a lot of applications to retain customers and make this number increase every day. So why don’t you try to refer to this Push Monkey application? With only one application, but it gives you a lot of benefits such as: restore abandoned carts by reminding customers, set up and send promotions whenever you like, price drop notifications, auto-rescue abandoned carts, and back stock notifications, and more. I won’t waste your precious time anymore, let’s review this app together.


Log in to Shopify Apps Store to find and Install Push Monkey App.

Once the download is complete, a dashboard will appear for you to install according to your own requirements.

First, you need to set up the message body that you will send. You set it in the Sent Notifications section. In this section, you will set up the basic message content such as Title, Message, Landing Page Url (The full URL of web pages that the subscribers see after clicking the push notification), Action Button Title (Title of Action button that appears on the notification. Default Value: OK), Banner Image (The image will appear inside the push notification received by your readers on Chrome on Windows. Recommended Size 360×240) and Icon.

You can also run a drip notification campaign for your customers. Setting up the feature is similar to the settings above, however, the only difference is that notifications will be sent to customers within a certain period of time (you can set the time according to your requirements). ) from when a visitor first subscribes to a web push on your website. Don’t forget to save the changes.

You can also easily schedule notifications to be sent in the Schedule section. Besides, you can also see a report of the notifications you have sent such as Date, subscribe, clicks, and sender.

With super quick installation, Push Monkey really offers all you could need to get you Pushing and optimizing your sales today.

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