7+ Best Shopify Apps To Block Countries

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If you running a Shopify online store, then by default it is accessible to everyone. For some reasons, you don’t want to show your online store in the specific country. How to allow or block visitors from specific countries in Shopify?

Don’t worry you can do this by using Shopify apps to block countries on your online store. These Shopify apps will stop the visitors from doing any harm on your online store.

Here are the list best Shopify apps to block countries in 2024:

1. AntiCopy


AntiCopy is an one of best Shopify Content Protection apps that helps you to protect your site’s content from being reused by malicious merchants. Besides these great features, this app has just integrated a feature that is the Country Blocker feature. It allows you to prevent visitors from certain countries from entering your store and performing any actions in it. Visitors from every country that will be listed in the Blocked Countries list won’t be able to access your store.

I’ve written an article to guide you how to use this feature on this app. You can refer here.

2. Easy Country Blocker


The app is an expert in blocking unwanted countries where the store owner doesn’t want his/her store to be exposed to a specific location and also suspected IP range. This app helps you to block countries, block list IP.

3. IP Blocker & Country Redirect


This app is the perfect app to set specified IP addresses or locations where visitors are accessing your store from.

Set specified IP addresses or locations in Black list or White list. You can choose 1 of 3 matching rule:

  • Block all: block all IPs or locations
  • Black list: block all IPs or locations in blacklist
  • White list: block all IPs or locations not in whitelist

4. GeoIP Country Redirect/Blocker


This app will redirect your customers to your other store which is optimised to serve to their home country. It also helps you to block countries by picking up the pop-up designed especially for blocking visitors from a country.

5. Traffic Guard


Traffic Guard gives you full control over your store’s incoming traffic. Create rules to block or redirect incoming traffic based on its location or IP address. Finally, get the control you wish you had over who can access your store.

  • Fraud Protection: Protect your store from fake orders and returns. Block specific IP addresses and fraud-prone regions to tackle fraud in an innovative way.
  • Geolocation based redirection: Send users to their country-specific store and optimize conversion rates. Redirect traffic to an email collection page for certain countries.
  • Counterintelligence: Go stealth in the eye of your competitors through denial of access or redirection to a facade website. Keep your marketing strategies and competitive advantages secret.

6. Geoip Product Blocker


This app helps to block unavailable products that are not available or you do not want to sell in selected countries. This app gives you the flexibility to create many rules so that you can block different products in different countries.

7. Unicorn Geo Blocker


This app adds less than 300 bytes to your store and uses no 3rd party code which means it loads instantly. This app will not slow down your store or make your legitimate visitors wait for their verification to happen.

Simply add the countries you wish to block through the user friendly interface and it’s done.

When a visitor gets blocked they receive the expected HTTP error codes. This ensures that you do not negatively impact your SEO rating or waste precious advertising budget on visitors from blocked countries.

The technology adds an additional layer of protection and ensures that visitors cannot fake their location using classic evasion techniques like HTTP Header spoofing or Inspect Element.

8. Shop Secure


Shop Secure allows you to take control over whom you want to visit your store:

  • Block visitors by countries
  • Block specific visitors by IP addresses
  • Give access to visitors from specific countries
  • Create quick GDPR consent banner

With this app, you can have information about all visitors, including IP address, country, device, number of visits, visit date, etc.

9. Blocky: Simple Country Blocker


This app has 3 options:

  • Country-specific Visitors Blocker: After installed, the app blocks visitors from countries you choose and prevents them from accessing your store and performing actions in it.
  • Block IP Addresses: Are you being attacked or harassed by a known IP address? Put an end to that by adding their IP Address to the app’s black list and prevent their access completely and immediately.
  • Block Visitors Who Use Proxy or VPN: With Blocky, You can block visitors who use a proxy or VPN in order to access your store.


  • Stops visitors from countries you choose from accessing your store
  • Block specific IP address from accessing your store.
  • Fully customizable “restricted access” message design
  • Simple to operate dashboard
  • Super easy to use and to modify

10. Block Redirect Users Ultimate


This is the straightforward but efficient application in the Shopify app store, which serves visitor redirection and blocking features.

With this app, you can set redirection rules to redirect visitors to the appropriate subdomains based on their countries.


  • US visitors -> example.us
  • Canadian visitors -> example.ca

App offers two types of redirection behaviours.

  1. After customizable confirmation message popped up as a banner
  2. Redirect without informing

You also can block visitors based on the country or based on the IP address. Blocked visitors see customizable access denied message and nothing in the page.

11. Traffic Police


Traffic Police is a one-stop solution to your problems. Providing the geolocation based blocking facilities Traffic Police allows you to protect your site from the malicious traffic, suspicious users, and bots trying to compromise your site. User-friendly UI allows merchants to grab the right strategy and form rules as per their requirements. Also, they may modify the rules as and when required. Data is the core component of any business and Traffic Police additionally provides protection of data from being copied or downloaded.

12. Blockade


This app uses as proprietary database to turn your customers’ IP address into their real world location within milliseconds. Then it will verify that the visitor is allowed to enter your site based on the countries you selected in the app.


  • Easily manage which countries can access to your store
  • Checks the country of origin of your shops visitors in the background
  • No code snippets or theme changes required for installation
  • Disable or enable in the app dashboard at any time
  • Choose to redirect blocked traffic to another site or use the custom page builder to include a call to action button to visit another site
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