10 Powerful Chatbot Apps for Shopify

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Chatbots are trending now in the Digital world and IT industries. Peoples are like to get support and solutions to their queries by chat. What if you can respond to your new customers all the time? With the chatbot, you can setup a series of automatic, customized responses to engage your potential customers when they start chatting with you.

Here is a list of Powerful Chatbot Apps for Shopify:

  1. Gobot ‑ Sales Boosting Chatbot
  2. Upsell Chat Bot
  3. Messenger Chatbot Marketing
  4. Facebook Messenger Bot
  5. ChatLi Post Purchase ChatBot
  6. Tidio Live Chat
  7. DXwand Sales Chatbot
  8. Customer Service Messenger Bot
  9. Toucan AI Sales Bot
  10. Live Chat Customer Support CRM

1. Gobot ‑ Sales Boosting Chatbot


Gobot is fully integrated with your Shopify store. Help shoppers find the perfect products. Populate your bot’s product carousel with all of your store’s products with the click of a button!

Gobot chatbots are helping consumers find deals, make purchases, make style choices and find products that meet their unique taste. That’s something most eCommerce stores don’t currently offer.

2. Upsell Chat Bot


Upsell Chat Bot is an app that can help to get more profits for the merchants and make online shopping more interesting for the customers. Merchants are setting the Max Discounts on the individual products for increasing their sales and for the attract the customers. By using the Upsell Chat Bot App they can get more profit by providing bargaining with customers to get discounts until the max discounts.

Customers are always looking for some discounts and offers. Now they can get discounts by a chat with the bot so it is much more interesting for them also. The bot can offer discounts to the customer until the max discount is set by the merchants.

3. Messenger Chatbot Marketing


This app helps you add Facebook customer chat plugin on your Shopify store for free!

You can also use this app to create your own Facebook Messenger chatbot. It allows you to reply your customers automatically, deliver exclusive product promotions, and sell products via Facebook Messenger app.

4. Facebook Messenger Bot


This app helps you to create and send automated messages to your customers on Facebook Messenger.

With this app, you can:

  • Instantly reply to every new customer
  • Showcase your products by adding pictures, descriptions and Judge.me product review stars and ratings
  • Boost sales by linking your customers to the checkout page of your store
  • Capture important information that can help you to convert your leads into real customers

Key features:

  • Multiple way of starting chats: Welcome new customers to your store by replying to those that send a message to your page. Or send out a specific link to initiate a different type of conversation, for example, tell users more about a new product collection or give them a discount.
  • Product carousel: Let customers buy from messenger. They will be redirected to the checkout page to complete the process.
  • Picture gallery: Showcase collections or different campaigns with image carousel. Each image can contain different buttons that can perform different actions.
  • User input: Gather information from users. The information is stored in response bucket.
  • Text responses: add custom texts, links and phone numbers to your responses.
  • Automatic integration with Judge.me Product Reviews. Stars and average ratings are easily added to each product in the carousel.

5. ChatLi Post Purchase ChatBot


ChatLi is a powerful post-purchase conversation bot designed for the 21st century crowd. Its job is to reach out to the customer after the purchase to gain valuable feedback about the shopping experience.The challenge was to make a chatbot with natural sounding dialogue that reflects the 21st century values and appeals to the pop-cultured user base.

The biggest advantage of ChatLi is its attention-grabbing format that boosts engagement and increases the response rate and ultimately generates leads. The post-purchase experience should be to the point and never make the respondents feel overwhelmed.

You can set the conversation criteria based on:

  • The type of product purchased (via the tagging feature in Shopify)
  • Whether the customer has seen the conversation or not
  • Whether the customer finished the conversation.

ChatLi’s clever and trendy design boasts highly customizable functions and offers multiple questions for you to personalize aimed at engaging with the user base in a meaningful way. As such, ChatLi is:

  • Device friendly
  • Highly customizable
  • Detailed Analytics with an intuitive interface (export as CSV)
  • Showing conversation based on rules (purchased item tag, conversation seen, conversation finished)
  • Multiple questions
  • Gifs
  • Chat
  • Giveaway functionality
  • High response rates
  • Easy to setup in just 30s
  • Fits perfectly on Shopify’s Thank You page

6. Tidio Live Chat


Tidio Live Chat is a live chat service which allows you to communicate with your customers easily, also with the help of chatbots. I’ve written an article to guide you how to add live chat to your Shopify store manually. If you consider yourself non-technical, this apps that help you.

Tidio Chatbots & Shopify easily connect together for various use cases to help eCommerce owners with boosting their sales.

Increase your conversion by up to ¼ with these chatbots features:

  • Recover Abandoned Carts
  • Send Targeted Discounts
  • Greet Your New & Returning Visitors
  • Stop Visitors from Leaving the Store
  • Stop a Visitor from Leaving a Form
  • Engage a Visitor of a Specific Product
  • Inform That Live Chat Operators Are Busy
  • Generate Leads When You’re Offline
  • Inform About a Sale or Promotion
  • Provide Delivery Status Information
  • Quickly Answer Shipping Zones Questions
  • Inform About Product Availability
  • Handle Return Queries in No Time

7. DXwand Sales Chatbot


All you need to do to connect DXwand app to your store is authorize it in your Facebook page, and then set a few options for your sales strategy and that is it. You will have a 24/7 seller at your finger tips!


  • Products Search: The app is using artificial intelligence to understand your customer’s intent during chat, looking for a product/variation or following up on an order, then responds with best match from your products catalog.
  • Sales agent: The app will be selling to your customers during the chat with your products catalog, price list, product pictures, promotions and variations.
  • Orders: The app will capture order details during chat that includes customer contacts, order delivery address on the Map and send the order to your store checkout. You can easily at any time view all chat orders and their delivery address from the app.
  • Chat Notifications: The app automatically sends chat notifications to customers when you update their order fulfillment from your store’s admin.
  • Complaints: The bot automatically detects users complaints and record them for your review.
  • Abandoned Checkouts: The app automatically lists for you users didn’t continue their checkout or refused to order.
  • Branches: The app searches in your defined branches when a user asks about your location.
  • Customized Dialogs: The app supports changing all chat text as well as training the bot with your own samples.
  • Chat Channels: The app supports only Facebook Messenger at this release. Kindly check out the road map section below for other channels we will support in near future.
  • Chat Menu: The app has chat default menu pops up at the beginning of a conversation. You can use this menu to add featured products/collections and more.
  • Chat History: The app stores all customer chat history and displays it on a user friendly timeline view.
  • Customer Profile: Dashboard showing customer recent chat orders, chats messages, contacts, preferred products and complaints.
  • Support: 8/5 Support on chat and email.

8. Customer Service Messenger Bot


With this app, The first AI-powered after-sale Chatbot on Messenger, your customers can simply get all the information they need about their orders, via the most comfortable platform for them, quickly & easily!

This app works with over 600 vendors worldwide, to ensure perfect order tracking(Integrates to FedEx, USPS, Aftership, TrackingMore & 17Track). Once an order has arrived, Sally will ensure closer with feedback & Reviews ( social reviews, Loox reviews & Stamped.io reviews ), and then offer your customers personal deals by your configuration!

9. Toucan AI Sales Bot


You’re just 5 minutes away from having a fully-automated AI salesperson on your storefront, guiding customers through chat conversations. This AI system will make sure each customer finds the prefect product for them, so that you don’t lose valuable sales to choice paralysis and buyer confusion.

Toucan AI provides a chat widget that displays on your storefront. Customers can ask questions about products or describe what they’re looking for. The AI system answers these questions based on your product descriptions, and it provides product recommendations that match the preferences expressed by customers.

Toucan AI’s features include:

  • 5-minute setup and deployment
  • Automatic sync with your product catalog
  • Question answering: provide whatever information your customers want
  • FAQs: manually provide responses to questions that aren’t already answered on your site, such as shipping or service-related queries
  • Completely automated: No need for a human-in-the-loop, conversations are handled entirely by AI

10. Live Chat Customer Support CRM


This app is natively integrated with Shopify so you can access order data instantly. Manage and draft orders, process refunds, cancellations, and update customer/order data on-the-fly within customer support conversations. Other benefits include:

  • See cart content and track browsing activity w/ Re:amaze Live
  • View customer’s screen live in real time
  • Send products to customers in chat
  • Create dynamic canned replies w/ Shopify macros
  • Create automated workflows w/ Shopify macros
  • Use Re:amaze Chat to automatically engage specific types of customers w/ Shopify macros
  • Measure your customer service team’s revenue and conversion impact

Top Shopify apps like Smile, ReCharge, Octane AI, Klaviyo, & Stamped.io integrate with Re:amaze for data access without leaving your helpdesk ticketing and live chat support dashboard.

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  1. Greg Ahern says:

    Ochatbot is an AI chatbot that is built for eCommerce including Shopify. Some of the features include;
    – shopping asistant
    – abandoned cart and checkout
    – order status and tracking
    – automatically pulls in all your SKU’s data to present the right product to the customer and allow them to add to cart from the chat window….

    and much more.

  2. Fred Douglas says:

    Thanks for your effort to make this list and detail comparison between them. Can you suggest a specific simple one for a small store with a cheap pricing plan.?

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