How To Prevent Visitors From Certain Countries From Entering Your Shopify Store Using AntiCopy From Hura Apps

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AntiCopy is one of the best Shopify Content Protection Apps that helps you to protect your site’s content from being reused by malicious merchants. This is a simple yet fully-featured application. Besides these great features, recently, this app has just integrated a new feature that is the Country Blocker feature. It allows you to prevent visitors from certain countries from entering your store and performing any actions in it. Visitors from every country that will be listed in the Blocked Countries list won’t be able to access your store.


To install this app into your store, you must go to the Shopify App Store and find this app. After going to the app’s landing page, you click on Add app (you may need to log in to Shopify if you haven’t done so) to start installing it for your Shopify store. Then you can see the app permission window. Here click on the Install app button. After that, the app will be installed in your store.

After successful installation, you go to the app dashboard to set up configuration. On the settings page, we have 2 tabs:

  • General Settings: In this tab, we have designed the features to help you to protect your site’s content from being reused by malicious merchants by clicking in the box before the feature. I’ve written an article to guide you on how to set up those options. You can read the guide here.
  • Country Blocker: This is a new feature that I want to introduce to you. In this tab, you can see all the countries around the world. To block any country, you just need to click on this country name to move this country from the Allowed Countries list to the Blocked Countries list. And you can do the opposite if you want to allow this country’s visitors to access your store again.

To finish, click on the Save Options button to save your changes. And of course, the customers from these countries will not be able to access your store.

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  1. Zoey says:

    Hi halinh, thank you very much for sharing!
    I have installed Anticopy.
    I would like to know how long does the program take to run after saving the options?

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