The Best Shopify Apps for New Order Notifications on Twitch

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Twitch is a popular live-streaming video. Shop owners as streamers can utilize this streaming to promote and sell products from their collections or by their code. It can be considered the best way for customer engagement with high interactivity. However, during the streaming process, sellers focus on showcasing products and engaging the audience, which may result in missing out on new order notifications. To solve this issue, there are Shopify apps that help to send new order notifications to Twitch. These notifications will appear on the seller’s screen for viewers to see, making your online selling process smoother.

Let’s explore these Shopify apps through the following article.

The best Shopify apps for new order notifications on Twitch in 2024

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps for new order notifications on Twitch in 2024:

1. Stream Alerts

Stream Alerts app allows you to use it for your live shopping experience and through this app, creators or streamers can make a sale from their collection or by their code. Integrating this app into your store, if there is a new order when live stream videos, an onscreen alert will appear for their viewers to see. Besides, this app gives you advertisements, allowing them to quickly thank their community. Stream Alerts works app with any streaming platform that can accept a browser source. In use, some bugs may be present, don’t worry, you can send an email to the developer can improve the app.

Pricing: From $8.99/month. 14-day free trial.


  • Alerts by collections or creator codes
  • Fully customizable including sounds
  • Works with any Broadcasting software that accepts a browser source
  • Holds a queue of Alerts for when the creator isn’t streaming.
  • Sale log list. See what alerts have been fired


Stream Alerts App

2. Simple Alerts

Integrate live sale alerts for YouTube, TikTok, & Twitch to elevate your viewer interaction through this app.

Simple Alerts enhances live streams on YouTube, TikTok, & Twitch with real-time order notifications, boosting viewer engagement. This app is perfect for e-commerce, it offers streamlined purchase acknowledgments and a rich viewer experience. With extensive customization options, Simple Alerts ensures seamless interaction and transparency, allowing sellers to focus on product showcases and audience engagement. This is an indispensable tool for dynamic, personalized live selling.

Pricing: From $24.99/month. 14-day free trial.


  • Multi-Platform Instant Alerts: Notifications across YouTube, TikTok & Twitch
  • Custom Alert Designs: Fully customizable alert visuals for brand consistency
  • Extensive Filters: Specify alerts for products, collections & creator codes
  • Easy Streaming Integration: Seamless setup with popular streaming platforms
  • Live Sales Analytics: Real-time insights on performance and viewer engagement


Simple Alerts App


The Shopify Apps for New order notifications on Twitch listed here will be powerful tools for you to stay on top of your new orders and avoid any impact on your revenue. Furthermore, these excellent apps also provide you with advertisements, allowing you to quickly thank your community, thus establishing good relationships with your customers. You can easily customize and design alerts to ensure brand consistency, creating your imprint in the minds of your customers. Integrate the apps today to manage your business professionally.

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