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WhatsApp is trending nowadays, so now you can send the notifications to your customer’s Whatsapp number to keep updated with order status. If you want to integrate this feature into your Shopify online store then you can explore the Shopify apps listed below. These are the free and premium Shopify apps that help you send messages to the customer’s Whatsapps and shop owner’s Whatsapp when the status of the order has been updated.

Here is a list of the unique Shopify WhatsApp Order Notification apps in 2023:

1. WhatsApp + SMS Notifications

This Shopify app will scan your WhatsApp web QR code and start sending automated WhatsApp notifications from your own number.

Here is the list of Notifications the app has added for now.

  • Order Confirmation: When a customer places an order
  • Shipment Confirmation: When you generate the shipment
  • Shipment Out for delivery: When the shipment is out for delivery
  • Shipment delivered: When the shipment is delivered
  • Order Refund: When admin refunds to customer
  • Abandoned Cart: When the customer leaves the shop without a purchase
  • Review Request: Ask for the product review to customer


2. SuperLemon ‑ Whatsapp Support

This is an all-in-one WhatsApp app for Shopify stores and one of the features is automated WhatsApp message templates: Abandoned cart recovery, Order confirmation, Order shipment, Cash on Delivery (COD) order confirmation


3. WhatsApp Notifications+ChatBot

With this Shopify app, The merchant can enable order and shipment Notifications to Customers. Here is the list of notifications it offers added for now.

  1. Order Place = When Customer Places the Order
  2. Order Refund = When Admin Refunds the Order.
  3. Checkout Abandoned = When Customer Leaves The Checkout Before Making Purchase.
  4. Feedback Request = Asking For The Feedback Based on Days Selected In Main Settings.
  5. Fulfillment Generate = When Admin Fulfills the Order.
  6. Order Out for Delivery = When Order is Out For Delivery.
  7. Order Delivered = When Order is Delivered.

More Notifications coming soon…


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