The Best Shipping Rules Apps For Shopify

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Shipping plays a pivotal role in converting orders into tangible revenue. Nevertheless, numerous variables must be taken into account during the transportation phase, including shipping expenses, delivery destinations, and any additional or discounted shipping charges. As a business proprietor, juggling various responsibilities necessitates effective time management, prompting the establishment of guiding principles to streamline shipping operations. Recognizing this need, this article curated a selection and listed the best shipping rules apps for Shopify. These apps are designed to assist you in crafting optimal shipping regulations for your enterprise. By leveraging shipping rules apps, you can tailor shipping rules to suit your specific business needs, ultimately simplifying store management. Explore this article to discover how these applications can alleviate the burden of overseeing your store.

Here is the list of the best shipping rules apps for Shopify in 2024:

1. Easy Shipping Restrictions

The Easy Shipping Restrictions is an app that helps enable merchants to limit shipping based on postal/ZIP codes/patterns. This app will give you control wherever your cart appears if you are looking to sell online but only to a specific area. The Easy Shipping Restrictions app uses individual postal/ZIP codes or patterns with wildcards to customize who can proceed past the cart. By using this app, you take less risk out of shipping orders outside your area of service, thus reducing the processing of unnecessary and costly refunds. This is a deal for small shops that do local shipping only, deliveries, or pickups.

Pricing: $5.99/month. 3-day free trial.


  • The shipping check box is located on the cart page.
  • Only allow checkout to custom postal/ZIP codes.
  • Use wildcards to create postal/ZIP code patterns.


Easy Shipping Restrictions App

2. Advanced Shipping Rules

Are you feeling the headache of having to manually implement a series of shipping rules? Now, setting up your simple to complex shipping rate requirements is possible and easy through the Advanced Shipping Rules app.

This app finely controls your shipping rates using advanced yet simple conditional logic. Hide, show, add to, or subtract from a shipping rate based on a wide variety of variables and conditions including postal codes, SKUs, tags, and more. Other advanced features: service codes, product groups, package settings, custom titles, combined rates, % of product price, per pound, per Item, and more. Just integrate this app into your store, and all problems will be resolved quickly. When there’s a roadblock with your shipping rates this app and highly-rated customer support are here to help.

Pricing: From $9/month. 7-day free trial.


  • Flexible, easy-to-express conditional logic w/ many variables & conditions
  • Advanced real-time carrier rates
  • Control shipping rate titles and how to combine rates
  • Restrict some products from shipping to certain areas
  • Highly rated, highly responsive email and phone support


Advanced Shipping Rules App

3. Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

If you are a store owner who is facing customer cart abandonment due to reasons related to shipping fees then this app will solve this problem for you.

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus app helps instantly display precise shipping rates in-cart, boosting conversions and enhancing user trust. This solution integrates directly into the shopping cart, showcasing real-time shipping estimates from leading carriers like UPS and FedEx. By utilizing geolocation and zip code precision, this app ensures accuracy and clarity. Moreover, the free shipping bar drives larger orders so not only will you reduce shopping cart abandonment, but you will also help increase order value. Install this app now cause it is designed to retain customers and enhance customer’s shopping journey.

Pricing: $4.99/month. 30-day free trial.


  • Display real-time shipping rates directly within the shopping cart.
  • Accurate shipping rate estimates using geolocation and zip code precision.
  • Engaging a free shipping bar to encourage higher purchase values.
  • Integration with major carriers like USPS, and FedEx for diverse rate options.
  • Adjust the widget’s appearance and placement to best fit your store’s design.


Shipping Rates Calculator Plus App

4. ShipMe ‑ ZIP Code validation

This is a solution that helps shipping limitations for your store be based on allow/block lists. No CSS/HTML knowledge is required.

ShipMe – ZIP Code validation App serves as a tool for verifying zip codes. It is only visible on the product page, and if an invalid zip code is entered, the “Add to Cart” and “Buy It Now” buttons will be disabled, preventing the customer from proceeding to the checkout or cart page. This app utilizes a white list of serviceable zip codes and can be enabled for all products or specific collections. Its primary objective is to ensure that products are only delivered to available zip codes.

Pricing: From $3.99/month. 10-day free trial.


  • Use allow/block list
  • Zip code configuration supports wildcards and patterns
  • Add to cart and buy it now buttons will be disabled when invalid zip codes use


ShipMe ‑ ZIP Code validation App

5. Ship Shippify ‑ Shipping Rates

This app uses product tags to create custom shipping rules based on the items in your customer’s cart. Create simple shipping options as well as more complex shipping options & merge them seamlessly without confusion at checkout. Plus, it uses logic-based parameters to ensure your shipping rates are always displayed correctly. Fast implementation, no coding required to create fully customized shipping rates & rules. Perfect for free shipping promotions, bundle and shipping thresholds, quantity-based rates & more.

Pricing: From $9.99/month. 30-day free trial.


  • Quickly create custom shipping rates & shipping rules for specific products.
  • Use product tags to display custom shipping rates based on what’s in their cart
  • Perfect for free shipping promos, quantity-based rates & product-based rates
  • Define shipping rules with questions to merge complex shipping rates with ease
  • Shipping calculator feature to display estimated delivery date at checkout


Ship Shippify ‑ Shipping Rates App

6. Shipfy: Shipping Rules

This app helps tailor the checkout experience to manage shipping rates effectively by implementing rules such as blocking PO Boxes, displaying exclusive shipping options for specific customer tags and B2B clients, and reordering shipping rates. Customize and rename third-party shipping rates, offer specialized shipping for particular product categories and zip codes, and prevent erroneous orders by setting limits on minimum and maximum order totals or quantities. Implement unique shipping options based on product properties or cart attributes, establish varied rates based on suburb, zone, or area, and restrict highland or rural areas from shipping.

Pricing: Free plan available. 14-day free trial.


  • Reorder/Rearrange the shipping rate on the checkout page. Promote Premium Shipping Rate.
  • Hide shipping options based on products, Hide shipping rate based on collection.
  • Hide shipping rates by customer tag, Block checkout for PO Box address.
  • Order limit by total price/quantity, Restrict order for minimum quantity/total.
  • Schedule shipping by day of week, time, or date. Weekend or same-day delivery.


Shipfy: Shipping Rules App

7. Customer Shipping Rules

This app helps customize shipping rates according to customer tags ideal for stores catering to “wholesale clients”, “VIP/loyalty programs”, and “subscription customers” enjoy the flexibility of setting distinct shipping rates for an extensive range of customer tags. Explore various rate options that incorporate carrier rates from USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Canada, or establish rule-based rates based on items, weight, and price. Personalize rate labels customize and personalize rate titles and subtitles for carrier rates. Adapt to Postal Code…

Pricing: $49/month. 7-day free trial.


Customer Shipping Rules App

8. Shipping Rates — Shipeasy

Shipping Rates – Shipeasy is an app that helps you easily create basic to advanced shipping rules for your Shopify stores. Shipeasy can be considered a perfect solution for businesses.

This app uses more than 30 parameters to calculate prices based on advanced shipping rules. Integrate this application, it will help you calculate item and origin-based rates for businesses like drop shipping, apply multiple conditions based on the cart and product parameters, incorporate factors such as postal/zip code, distance, & product dimensions, offer customer-specific rates, eg. wholesale customers, utilize rate blending to determine the combination of different rule set rates.

Shipeasy is functional in all Shopify-supported countries, using the preferred currency. This app requires Shopify’s Carrier Calculated Shipping API to send rates.

Pricing: Free plan available. 14-day free trial.


  • Flexible shipping rates based on all cart and product parameters.
  • Tailored shipping rules by customer, supplier, country, dimensions, and carrier.
  • Rate blending for a customizable combination of rates from diverse rule sets.
  • Prevent losses with rate calculations using zip code, postal code, and distance.


Shipping Rates — Shipeasy App

9. Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip

For businesses that want to set up their own rules for calculating delivery fees, this is a necessary tool to meet that need. With Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip, you can set shipping rules in advance by zip code, product, cart, and more, with local delivery dates, and in-store pickup. In other words, when integrating this application into your store, you can easily apply multiple conditions on shipping rules based on the product (SKU, types, tags, vendors), shipping by zip codes or postcode shipping, customer tag, and distance or cart parameters. This app allows you to set unique shipping rates for each product, have incremental shipping by weight or quantity, and surcharge shipping – unlimited locations for store pickup and local delivery with order limit time slots. Not only that, this app also helps you set the order delivery date with the cutoff set.

If you want to get the most out of the shipping & delivery processes, install Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip now.

Pricing: Free plan available. 30-day free trial.


  • Set shipping rates by zip code, product, customer tag, distance, etc.
  • Easily restrict PO box addresses if X product is in the cart.
  • Shipping rates are based on the delivery date, like an extra charge on a weekend delivery
  • Set a single shipping flat fee over multiple locations; avoid double charges.
  • Local delivery & store pickup are helpful for bakery/flower shop order delivery date


Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip

10. Better Shipping

Better Shipping helps you customize how your shipping rates are calculated and shown in the Shopify checkout. By setting custom shipping rates, you can control shipping costs to maximize profitability. Plus, you can create shipping rates for individual products and variants, restrict shipping by zip/postal codes, restrict shipping for specific products, and more. Better Shipping rates are returned quickly and reliably at the checkout so you can rest easy knowing your shipping is taken care of.

Pricing: Free plan available. 14-day free trial.


  • Flexible rules to suit almost every shipping scenario.
  • Set individual shipping rates for each product or variant in your store.
  • Restrict shipping based on zip/postal codes.
  • Additional item shipping. For example, $10 for the first item, and $5 for the next.
  • Use shipping rules to combine shipping by product, variant, location, and more.


Better Shipping App


Establishing optimal shipping rules for your Shopify store is extremely important. Utilizing top-tier shipping rules apps outlined in this article empowers you to govern the shipping process meticulously, streamline costs, enhance the shopping journey, mitigate errors, and augment revenue streams. Whether tailoring bespoke shipping conditions based on customer tags, restricting shipping to specific regions, or implementing versatile rules to accommodate diverse shipping scenarios, these apps seamlessly resolve the aforementioned challenges. Elevate your business operations to a level of simplicity without compromising on effectiveness, courtesy of these exceptional apps.

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