The Best Fraud Orders Prevention Apps for Shopify

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Reviewing potentially fraudulent orders can take a lot of time, and can cost a lot of money in chargeback fees. And, with an increasing amount of online scammers, it’s easy to miss potential fraud if you are reviewing orders manually. The time it takes to comb through orders looking for high-risk and medium-risk customers could be better spent marketing your business or fulfilling orders to legitimate customers. Using these great Fraud Orders Prevention Apps will save you time and money.

Here is the list of the best Fraud Orders Prevention apps for Shopify in 2024:

1. NoFraud Fraud Protection

NoFraud is the highest-rated fraud prevention app in the Shopify app store. Customers love this app for precision in fraud detection and excellent customer service.

NoFraud offers eCommerce fraud prevention through real-time virtual identity verification. The developer delivers individual, real-time decisions for each transaction (Pass/Fail) using thousands of data points and virtually every fraud detection technology available. The solution is fully automated and managed by in-house experts, requiring no input from the merchants. All review is managed internally by NoFraud.


2. RedFlag

RedFlag helps prevent your business from accidentally fulfilling fraudulent orders. The app automatically cancels “high-risk” orders, sends a cancellation confirmation to the customer (optional), restocks the inventory, and refunds/voids the customer’s payment (if any). RedFlag saves you time because you don’t need to manually comb through orders in your Shopify admin dashboard.

Shopify automatically flags high-risk orders for you, but it does not cancel them – you still have to go through your list of orders manually to find and cancel the ones flagged as “high risk”. RedFlag takes care of this for you – automatically. Whenever you receive a new order, RedFlag automatically scans and checks it against Shopify’s fraud analysis. If it’s considered a high risk-order, it will cancel the payment, refund payment (if applicable), restock your inventory, and email a cancellation confirmation to you and the customer (optional).


3. Beacon Fraud Protection

Take control of your high-risk fraud orders. Beacon specializes in helping eCommerce merchants detect, reduce, automate, and prevent fraud orders and bad actors while not losing out on legitimate customers (false positives) and to help online merchants increase sales and profit by allowing merchants to customize the Ai assisted fraud protection system to further increase the accuracy rate and to automate fraud checks. Beacon uses and combines three-level of technology using big data, advanced digital verification systems (SMS and email), and machine learning.


  • Cancel, hold, or void bad or risky orders.
  • Real-time (instant) fraud analysis for every single order.
  • Works in combination with Shopify’s Fraud Filter app.
  • Set/Customize different fraud-related parameters.
  • Automate customer verification using a sophisticated SMS, OTP, and email system. 


4. Fraud Scanner

This app takes the stress out of dealing with fraudulent orders; this app will automatically cancel orders labeled by Shopify as a High Risk or Medium Risk of Fraud but also other key indicators like Mismatched Address, Abnormal Quantity, or Dollar Value being ordered. It also allows for excluding or including specific situations such as IP, Customer Info, Payment Method, or Country.

Simply install and activate the app, and instantly you will never have to worry about reviewing your Orders for fraudulent customers ever again. Just set the dashboard to “Enable Fraud Scanner” and activate any of the criteria you’d like Fraud Scanner to assist with. All orders before installation and while the settings are Deactivated will not be affected at all.


5. FraudJudge Fraud Prevention

Fraudulent orders are on the rise. “Friendly Fraud” (fraudulent chargebacks) is an expensive problem. Research shows a 21% year-on-year increase between 2018 and 2021. Protect your store with a reliable, preventive anti-fraud tool. Fraud Judge takes away the worry of fraudulent orders and helps you prevent chargebacks.


  • Automatically detect High-Risk orders
  • Ask for customer identification
  • Increase store security and improve risk management
  • Reduce chargeback risk with chargeback prevention


6. SEON. Fraud Prevention

Every store owner has faced or will face fraud at some point. You can prevent payment fraud and chargebacks by using automated, real-time data checks on customers. By eliminating investigation and chargeback fees, lost payments, and goods, you will reduce losses and increase profit.

The developers check 35+ social media signals in real-time, together with email, phone number, IP lookup, and device fingerprinting to accurately identify real users in today’s world. A fraudster cannot match this scale, depth, and breadth of social and digital footprint. Combined with the intelligent way of assigning risk scores, this app gives you extra insight into making sure each order is legitimate before you fulfill them. SEON adds another security layer to your shop, radically improves risk assessment accuracy, and reduces false declines.



7. Fraud Filter

Fraud Filter can provide an additional layer of protection to help you fight fraud and avoid chargebacks. By using Fraud Filter’s simple rule-based functionality you can easily set up warnings for suspicious orders, or block orders completely.

When an order matches a filter you’ve created Fraud Filter will flag it as suspicious to warn you or automatically cancel it for you, depending on what action you’ve chosen. When Fraud Filter flags an order as suspicious it will mark the order as medium risk, and you’ll be able to tell which filter that was triggered from the fraud analysis section on the order page.


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