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If you want to increase customer engagement in the best way then this is the app for you. Sending SMS is an effective and proven way of building trust and increasing customer engagement. Sending SMS not only gives your customers instant order-related notifications on new orders, delivery, and shipment confirmation but also abandoned cart recovery SMS with customizable SMS templates. Refer to these SMS notification apps, you will know how convenient and functional it is.

Here is the list of the best Shopify SMS notification apps in the 2024:

1. Branded SMS Notification

Keeping your customers aware of their order status can be a tedious affair. Branded SMS notification APP allows its users to automatically send current order status notifications to their customers like order confirmation, cancellation & fulfillment.


  • Let you choose the right service provider to assuring seamless notifications delivery.
  • Enabling your customer to track their orders.
  • Allows you to get live verification from your customer through order confirmation notification.


2. Evolve SMS Notification

SMS communication has many benefits including facilitating communication with your customers, your customer also receives the details of the order faster. Short text messages are sent primarily as information on the status of the order. SMS communication with your customers to avoid costs associated with undelivered shipments: 


  • Integrate SMS Alert service in your Shopify Store
  • SMS notifications send to the customer, while the order gets placed.
  • Send SMS notifications to Pakistan Mobile Number.
  • SMS notification to the customer, if the order gets canceled.
  • If an Order gets placed, then the SMS notification to the customer tells the Order was successfully placed with Order Id.
  • Notification Messages can be easily customizable from settings. 


3. miniOrange ~ SMS Notifications

This app enables SMS notifications to store customers and/or store admins during new account creation, new orders placed, order completion, order canceled, order payment, order updated, and many more. Send customized messages to selected or all store customers.


  • Send dynamic Order Status SMS Notifications to the Customers and Admins. Add multiple Admin numbers. Customized Template
  • Instant Bulk SMS delivery to the entered phone numbers. Send SMS Notifications to All Customers of your store instantly. Customized Template
  • Enable Customized Registration Form with extra fields like Phone Number. Send Instant SMS Notification on New Account Creation.


4. SMS Notifications & Marketing

This is an app that helps improve customer service, boost reviews, and increase sales. 2-Way messaging will allow you to quickly respond to your customers. Moreover, sending group text messages marketing campaigns, setting up automated notifications, alerts & marketing campaigns, and SMS keywords will help grow leads.


  • Send SMS notifications to update customers on order status.
  • Instantly notify customers when orders are received, shipped, canceled, partially filled, and refunded.
  • Receive SMS and MMS replies directly into your Shopify messaging inbox.
  • Start 2-Way messaging communication with your clients and keep them up to date about orders status and shipping updates.
  • Inform customers about new products, and special promotions and run interactive SMS messaging campaigns.
  • Reserve SMS keyword and start building and growing your text messaging list. 


5. Notif | SMS Notifications

Notif is Shopify’s SMS notifications app designed for Indian Shopify and Shopify plus stores.

  • Notif supports all Indian mobile carriers and offers an affordable price per SMS
  • Send SMS notifications to users on each order stage i.e. creation, cancellation, fulfillment, refunds, and returns.
  • Send SMS notification to the user when his account is created.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Submit your own templates. We will get them approved from DLT and ensure that you send your own customized messages to customers.


6. Global SMS Notifier

Sending SMS is an effective and proven way of building trust and increasing customer engagement. You can set up multiple SMS at different times to send Abandoned cart recovery SMS with customizable SMS templates. This really increases the chance to recover abandoned orders. Moreover, it helps you to decrease fraud orders and help to confirm the mobile contact numbers of customers. With this feature, you will save valuable time a lot because you do not have to verify orders manually.


7. SMS Twillio Integration

Order Notifications and Updates provide a boost to your business in terms of services and support. Priority SMS India is a bulk SMS service that allows you to send notifications to your customers and enhance sales. Proper and timely notifications help you build a positive impact on the customers and also drive your business towards greater success. ‘Priority SMS India’ allows you to send notifications related to an order, its delivery, tracking, and refund. Also, the abandoned carts will be notified using SMS to get a higher response and better sales.


8. All in One SMS Notifications

SMS is a basic feature for eCommerce. Merchant can send all order notifications to their customers from their own sender id and using their own preferred SMS Gateway service provider from the listed ones.

Key Benefits:

  • Order Place = When Customer Places the Order
  • Order Refund = When Admin Refunds the Order.
  • Checkout Abandoned = When Customer Leaves The Checkout Before Making Purchase.
  • Feedback Request = Asking For The Feedback Based on Days Selected In Main Settings.
  • Fulfillment Generate = When Admin Fulfills the Order. 


9. SMS Alert

Now send SMS alerts to more than 200 countries. Notify your customers about Account creation, Order placed, Order fulfilled, order canceled, Order refund, and many more.

SMS communication has many benefits including facilitating communication with your customers, your customer also receives the details of the order faster. Short text messages are sent primarily as information on the status of the order. SMS is the fastest communication with your customers and savings for the company due to reduced costs associated with undelivered shipments. 


10. Voodoo SMS

This extension will allow you to set up notifications for different points of the shipping process when someone buys an item from you. For example, after an order has been marked as paid or shipped, the customer can receive a notification via SMS that lets them know the status of their order without having to log in to check. 


  • Send SMS to customers on each new order status
  • The SMS can be seen by consumers as your brand name
  • Full reporting on each SMS sent
  • Full Unicode and Emoji support
  • A full UK support and account management team 


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