How To Add Logo Showcase To Your Home Page In Shopify

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If you are finding a Shopify app that allows you to show logos of your clients, sponsors, and supporters on your site, the Logo showcase ‑ Display logos app will help you do that. This app will easily showcase Press/People logos that are talking about your brand on your homepage. Showcasing logos acts as social proof, thanks to it, you are a trusted partner and create a positive image of your brand. Just within 2 minutes to set up, your website will become more professional and trustworthy.


Log into your account to the Shopify app store. Search and install Logo showcase app ‑ Display logos about your store.

Refer to the following steps to be able to add Logo Showcase to your Home page.

Step 1: Installing on Home Page using Shopify Theme Editor

Step 2: Open the Theme Editor by navigating to the “Online Store” page and clicking “Customize“.

Step 3: Click on the “Add Section” button from the left navigation bar.

Step 4: Look under the “Apps” subheader for the “Logo showcase” section, click on it and click “Select“.

Step 5: After the Logos have been displayed, click Save to finish.


To design and customize as well as add links or titles to the logos, you can do it in the Dashboard section. Display up to 3 logos (free version) or 10+ logos (premium version). 

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