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If you want to spice up your Shopify store for the holiday seasons like Christmas, New Year, Valentine, Halloween…, then Snowfall Effect Plus is the best selection for you.


In fact, having many apps on Shop App Store helps you bring the atmosphere holiday to your online store. They can create awesome effects like snowfall, rain, firework, flying heart,… But with Snowfall Effect Plus you can do so much more.

Snowfall Effect Plus is a Shopify app by Hura Apps that is one of the best apps that help you to spice up your store for the holiday season. This app has 2 plans: Free version and Pro version. If you are using the Free version you only create the snowfall effect. But I think you should upgrade to the Pro version because it is just $1/month. Because with the Pro version, you can create up to +15 seasonal effects. Not only snowfall effect but also rain, firework, falling flowers, flying hearts, shooting stars, confetti cannons, Valentine, Halloween, and much more in future.

After you choose an awesome effect for your store you can configure for the selected effect like speed, color, where to display (all pages, home page, or specific pages), make a timer to turn off the effect…

This Shopify app also helps you to change the cursor on your website to a cute cursor with a heart, pine tree, candy, sun, pumpkin, ghost, witch, etc,… You will get a very elegant and unique site.

Another unique feature that this application brings, is the mouse move effect. Using this option to help you create an awesome effect will appear and follows the mouse pointer when you move the mouse.

The effects included: twinkling stars, snowflakes, fairy dust, floating bubbles,…

Each of the effects is built for your modern browser (fast, efficient, mobile-friendly), and is super easy to add to your online store!

What are you waiting for without installing Snowfall Effect Plus right now?


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