Top 5+ Best Shopify Live Streaming Apps

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.The ability to ‘go live’ directly onto your store will allow you to interact with customers in real time. Build a community by inviting others to join the call, creating user generated content in real time! Talk about different product offerings, new product launches, and answer common questions about products or services. This is a new and exciting way to engage customers. There are Shopify apps that help to easily broadcast a live stream directly onto a storefront.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Live Streaming Apps:

1. ShopShowy Live‑Stream Window

This app creates a picture-in-picture window on your website for customers to watch live-stream while browsing specific products mentioned in the live-stream.

  • Engage your customers by a live-stream chat window on your website.
  • Direct your customers to watch and shop on your website
  • Interactive and entertaining shopping experience


2. Lively Streaming

Lively allows store owners to easily broadcast a live stream directly onto a storefront! Virtually greet your store visitors in real time as they come through the door! The customers will watch your video though a small widget on the bottom right of the store, while simultaneously browsing products.


  • Ability to easily broadcast a live stream using popular video conferencing platforms such as Zoom.
  • Non-intrusive window containing live video will appear on the bottom right of your store when you go live!
  • Live video delivered directly to your storefront on multiple pages, allowing for a direct video experience while visitors browse.
  • Easy 2-step integration process to ‘go live’

You just need simply click “Go-Live” in the Lively Streaming App. And Lively will provide you with streaming credentials and instructions to enable your video conferencing application to broadcast directly onto your storefront.


3. Live Stream Shopping

This app lets you engage with your buyers live through Online Video Streaming. It helps brands and store owners to promote their products during a live broadcast event and interact with the buyers in real time. Live events are recorded to drive engagement and sales later on as well.

All this buyer engagement and interaction happens right within your online Shopify store.

Merchants of all sizes can use this easy-to-install app for growth.


  • Host Live & Engaging Sessions
  • Promote products of your choice and sell instantly!
  • Engage with customers in real time
  • Build relationships & trust with high touchpoint interaction
  • Increase stickiness of your website
  • Gamification and more to trigger customer impulses!
  • Leverage recordings for engagement after live sessions are over


4. Amperstand ‑ Live Video Events

Amperstand is a live video shopping widget that lets you host live video events, on your online storefronts, to provide intimate, engaging and informative experiences for their customers.


  • The Amperstand Companion iOS and Android app allows you to start streaming anywhere, anytime
  • Live video is delivered directly to your online storefront
  • Chat functionality for your customers to interact with you
  • Carting is available right beside the stream, allowing your customers to frictionlessly buy your products.
  • Custom event pages for marketing your events, allowing your buyers to add your livestream event to their calendars.


5. Rozy

Rozy is the easiest way to engage your customers in a two-way conversation. It generates a page to ‘go live’ right on your Shopify powered store, and lets you simulcast across your social channels like YouTube and Facebook.


  • Guided Selling: This app let’s you bring your expertise to the game, and help people make the right product choices and informed buying decisions.
  • Product Drops: Do exclusive drops, offer new products or launch limited edition items. The app sale makes it special and lets your customers feel the excitement.
  • Engage and Monetize Followers: Influencers, creators and brand ambassadors can live stream content that people want to watch. Make up, fashion, lifestyle or cooking content can move a lot of product. It doesn’t have to be all about the hard sell.


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