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Every entrepreneur or online store marketer knows that the growth of the number of visitors usually means a higher number of orders. That’s the reason why most are investing money and time in ways of getting more and more traffic to the store. But is that traffic used efficiently?

Below we describe 7 efficient strategies which are going to help you boost your sales with one single app – Personizely.

Personizely is a Conversion Marketing Toolkit which helps you convert more visitors with beautiful email popups and boost sales with cross sell, upsell and sales motivation bars.

1. Convert visitors into contacts

Offer your visitors something of value, it doesn’t have to be anything much – just something that they value enough (e.g. a discount) to give you something in return, namely their email address or other contact information.

2. Convert contacts into customers

Show your visitors deals which are only available for a limited time. They need to understand, if they don’t complete their purchase now, they might miss a chance to complete their purchase at all (or at least at that price).

3. Convert customers into loyal customers – with reward pop-up

This is the most simple way to build customers loyalty. For example, you can create a pop-up that targets customers who have made more than 5 orders with a value of more than $100 and offer them a coupon of $20.

4. Prevent shopping cart abandonment

Prevent shopping cart abandonment – encourages visitors to stay by offering a deal or presenting more information. For example, when someone is about to abandon your cart, you can present them with a limited time offer.

The goal of an e-commerce store is to drive more sales. But when you increase the average order value, you make more money from each transaction making your store more profitable.

5. Cross-selling popups

Cross-selling popups – offer additional products when the buyer adds an item to cart. For example, when a user intends to buy a phone, you can offer him a case for it.

6. Related products

Related products – boost sales in your store by suggesting related items on product or cart page. For example, when someone intends to buy a phone, you can offer him headphone, adapter, and cable for it.

7. Sales motivator

Sales motivator – Let your customers know about how much more they have to spend to reach free shipping every time they add a product to their cart. For example, a message like this could be used: “Spend $28 more to get Free Shipping”.

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