5+ of the Best Shopify Customer Extra Fields Apps

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Are you tired of your customers or users contacting you by e-mail to change their personal information? Don’t worry! There are Shopify apps let you add fields to your customer registration form, newsletter sign-up and more by creating custom registration forms. They also offer your registrants a space with a form where they can modify those data themselves without disturbing you: login, password, email, phone, first name, last name… They take this problem away and save you time!

Here is a list of the best Shopify Customer Extra Fields Apps:

1. Customer & Cart Attribute

Custormer & Cart Attribute helps you to create additional fields on the customer account registration page, account page and cart page. With this app you can get the necessary data directly from your customers in an easy way. Place fields on registration page to know age, preferences and interests and all other information you may need. You can let customers select from available options, type their own text, leave comments, etc… and edit their information anytime


2. Customer Profile Editor

This Shopify app helps you offer your registrants a space with a form where they can modify those data themselves: login, password, email, phone, first name, last name…

You can integrate it into your Shopify store by copying & pasting a short line of code that the application will provides you.


3. Customer Fields

Customer Fields for Shopify is a registration form builder that allows you to create custom forms for customers or wholesale accounts.


4. Bonify Customer Account Fields

This app helps you replaces your account registration form with your own custom version. Creates a profile they can edit. Store hidden data about customers.


5. Customer Information Plus

The current features include:

  • Create unlimited fields for customer registration from a wide variety of types. Freedom to insert and remove these extra fields whenever you want. You also can edit or delete information collected from your users.
  • Allow customers to view and edit their customer information directly from your website on their account page. For existing customers created before your new registration form, you can still collect these fields from their account page.
  • View each customer’s information directly in Shopify under the notes section of their customer account.
  • Export customer data to CSV so you can easily analyze and gain insights on your customers.
  • Install your new registration and customer account forms with the click of two buttons, after you have specified your desired new fields.


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