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6 Responses

  1. PSD to shopify says:

    Wow really interesting article, Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Michael says:

    This is helpful if you want to redirect all users to the same page. If you want more dynamic redirect options, I would recommend the Customer Fields app.

    You can conditionally redirect customers (after account creation) based on their form they fill out, or even based on their input. Here’s an article on conditional form redirects (

    You can even redirect to checkout and automatically add certain products to the customer’s cart (

  3. VladimirC says:

    1. is no longer an option
    2. I’m pretty sure is not working as well

  4. Meganathan says:

    @VladimirC , yes its not working.(Registration redirection).

    Do you have any idea about redirect to specifiy page after registration

  5. Kate says:

    Hi. This post was very helpful. Thank you. I was wondering if you know a way to bring up a different page upon login based on a customer tag. I need some customers to see the accounts page (default) and some to see the new login page.

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