How To Block Bad Customers And Avoid Serial Refunders In Your Shopify Store

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As a business owner, surely everyone wants to sell a lot of goods. The feeling when I see that I have so many orders today is really happy. However, you need to be alert enough to realize that there are bad customers in order to protect the interests of your store and avoid unnecessary losses. However, from your experience and intuition, it is certainly impossible to distinguish a customer with a bad purchase history or this customer has taken advantage of a loophole in your store’s policies to request, demand chargeback many times. In this article, I will show you how to add problem customers to a private block list, so any future orders from them will be tagged for you to review or cancel. Besides that, this tool helps you avoid shipping goods to customers who have a habit of charging back their purchases or making excessive refund requests. Let install Bad Customer today if you don’t want to waste money.


You should log in to the Shopify Apps Store to download the app or simply click on the Install icon above. After successfully installing the application, you can proceed to customize the application based on the following customization table. There are 4 items you need to customize.

Settings: In the settings, you must first select thresholds for tagging orders when the app detects customers who have chargebacks or refunds on other websites by ticking the box in front. 

Adding tags to orders from bad customers can help you identify them at a glance on your Orders page. Most 3PL warehouses can be configured to ignore or hold orders with specific tags, so you never accidentally ship a high-risk order. You can always delete the tag from the order if you decide to ship it anyway.

Private Block List: This will be the item you manage block list. If a customer on this list places an order, this app will automatically tag it based on your settings on the previous page.

Adding customers to this list does not prevent them from placing an order, but will tag any orders from these customers if they submit one.

Additional Options: There are a few additional fraud prevention settings that have nothing to do with chargebacks you need to customize.

Notification settings: Send an email when actions are taken. You can add multiple email addresses to be notified. A verification code will be sent.

The app will work on your store after you Save Settings. Most anti-fraud tools use algorithms to try to look for suspicious activity. However, this application is much simpler, this app identifies the “bad customers” by looking at their chargeback history with other sites. If a lot of chargebacks or refunds are associated with that customer or the address they’re sending their goods to, this app will warn you and you can decide whether you still want to ship the order or cancel it. This will save your store from wasting money.

Hope this article is useful to you!

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