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To minimize the order refund, verification to prevent fraudulent phone numbers from being made before the payment process is necessary to ensure customers enter the correct phone number. Shopify doesn’t support this feature, but there are several third-party apps that add this feature to your Shopify store.

These are the best Shopify Cart OTP Verification Apps in 2024:

1. OTP on cart


With OTP on Cart App you can get the Cart validated through OTP (One Time Password) before proceeding towards Checkout. Twilio SMS or MSG91 SMS engine is integrated to ensure that the OTP is sent to customers contact number.


  • Cart is validated when clicked on proceed to checkout. An otp is sent to your registered mobile number and only when you enter the same otp you are able to proceed for checkout.
  • Twilio SMS Integration.
  • MSG91 SMS Integration.
  • OTP validated information at backend.
  • Easy to use and install.

In case you have the Shopify plan which has access to the Checkout Liquid then you can get the OTP on the Checkout page too.

2. Cart Verification ‑ Mobile OTP


The Cart Verification – Mobile OTP app facilitates the validation of the customer’s cart before the checkout process. It is done through an OTP (One Time Password) which is sent to the customer’s registered mobile number by Twilio SMS Gateway integration. Only when the customers input the same OTP, they are able to proceed for checkout. In this way, the website owner can assess if the customer heading for the checkout is genuine or not.


  • The admin can manage all the text, which will appear in the frontend
  • The admin can also manage the design in the frontend
  • Cart validation via OTP
  • Optimized checkout process
  • Twilio SMS Gateway integration
  • The validated information can be viewed at the backend
  • Easy to install and use

3. FraudLabs Pro SMS Verification


This is a Shopify app that helps merchants to authenticate the client’s identity by sending them an SMS for verification. It is designed to trigger on the cart page to validate the uniqueness of the client. If the client is unable to verify themselves, they are not allowed to proceed to the checkout page. This can help to protect the merchants from payment fraud.

The system will display the input box on the cart page for clients to enter a valid mobile number to receive the One-Time-Password (OTP). After the clients have successfully verified the OTP on the cart page, they may then proceed to the checkout page for payment completion.

4. Squadkin ‑ Cart OTP


The Squadkin – Cart OTP app provides the validation of the customer’s cart before the customer’s checkout process for his/her order. This validation process is done through the OTP (One Time Password) Method. Which is sent on the customer’s registered mobile number or the customer’s provided mobile number when filling the OTP form with the help of Twilio SMS Gateway Integration. Only when the customers input the same OTP, they are able to proceed to checkout. So in this way, the merchant can access if the customer heading for the checkout is genuine or not.

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