The Best Shopify Apps Help To Turn Google Docs Into Blog Posts

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Google Docs is an ultra-convenient way to create, edit and collaborate on any content. Rich in features and easy to organize.

If you feel Shopify’s default text editor is not really friendly, why not use Google Docs to create blog posts or pages on Shopify. There are Shopify apps that help to turn Google Docs into blog posts/pages on Shopify.

1. Blog & Page Builder by Reputon

This Shopify app helps you import your blog posts from Google Docs. They will keep all your content in your Google Drive for easier text editing, organizing, collaboration. So you can create blog posts and pages in Google Docs.

Firstly, you must connect your Google Drive account where you keep your Google Docs. Then you select a Google Doc you want to import and select target where to export (Page, Blog). Finally, your page or blog post will be automatically created and viewable on your front end.

You can import as many docs as you want. The truly worry-free app to create pages, import blog posts, and export blog posts seamlessly.

It’s compatible with PageFly, Shogun, GemPages, LayoutHub, Zipify, and other page builder apps.


2. MagicPost

MagicPost saves you hours every month by simplifying publishing your blog posts on Shopify. All you need is the Google Docs URL for the post you want to publish, and with one click, your post is imported straight to your Shopify blog!

MagicPost works by copying over and cleaning up all the formatting you did in Google Docs to write a post and matching it to the Shopify CMS.

All you have to do is write your blog post in Google Docs with all the Headers, Images, Bold text, and other formatting you want, and then that formatting will be perfectly transferred over to Shopify.

All you do is paste in the URL for the Google Docs you want to turn into a post. And it’s alive.


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