How To Get Notified Of Mistakes/Errors On Product Info In Shopify

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Managing inventory can be tedious work and oftentimes, there will have some human mistakes or technical mistakes occurs. Having product mistakes could potentially ruin your business and lose your customers. But now, that problem will be resolved quickly by OwlBoss. OwlBoss: Mistakes Finder app will help detect and display the mistakes that your product has.


Sign in to your account and download the app from the Shopify App Store. Once done, you can install it according to the app’s settings panel.

OwlBoss displays all necessary information on a single dashboard. That’s the comprehensive dashboard. First, let’s sync your products in-store and update them in OwlBoss.

Choose the rules to be displayed and OwlBoss will display those products with incorrect info. Click on + to add or remove certain rules that you want to watch. 

After updating the rules successfully, don’t forget to press Save. Next, start scanning by clicking the Scan button icon. The results will be listed in the table below. OwlBoss is able to display the mistakes your products are having based on the filters that you set up and you are able to fix those issues immediately.

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