Top 7+ Shopify Dynamic Pricing Apps

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How do your prices compare? What is your market position? And how to monitor any competitor’s website prices to have a smart campaign for your business? This article will offer the best tool for dynamic pricing. These apps help track your competitors’ products and draw price comparisons for exact and similar products across the globe to win more buy boxes. Optimize prices on auto-pilot with rule-based, dynamic pricing and daily price recommendations setting flexible competitive prices. There’s no need to spend time changing your products’ prices manually. Let the app do all the work for you and sell more of your weak items. Let the dynamic pricing apps make you more money.

Here is the list of the best Shopify dynamic pricing apps in 2024:

1. Dynamic Pricing

This app increases your sales by automatically setting up the best product price. It will watch how well each product gets sold out; depending on how well it goes, it reduces or increases the price. All you need to do is just set up the change rules, i.e. to what amount the price will jump if the product sells well. Let Dynamic Pricing lower prices for poor sellers and watch their performance increase, making you more money.

How it works:

  • Choose a date range for when you want to track sales activity. e.g. it can be done during peak times such as holidays, or alternatively, during slow times.
  • Set up the rule, e.g. “if 8 or more are sold out, increase the price by $2”.
  • One or more rules can be applied to one or more products. e.g. you can apply a rule to all of your t-shirts for the next 2 months.
  • You can apply a rule to all the products in your store. e.g. Increase all prices by $1 if the total monthly amount for each selected product sold was $600.
  • It works on a Variant level too, i.e. you can watch for and check the price of just one specific variant.


2. Price2Spy

Price2Spy is a price monitoring, price comparison, and repricing tool used by clients all over the world. From small family businesses to large international companies, the service helps online retailers to monitor, analyze pricing data and reprice their products, depending on their market strategy. You will get instant price alert emails whenever your competitors change their prices. Accept/reject repricing suggestions based on your own business rules. Moreover, you will get your competitor’s prices to overview in real-time and identify which site is trying to be cheapest and which ones are more expensive. This is a highly-specialized price monitoring and dynamic pricing tool.


  • Power, Simplicity & Quick Start
  • Unlimited Number of Competitors / Sites to Monitor
  • Email Alerts
  • Product Matching Accuracy
  • Powerful Reporting Mechanism
  • Multichannel Support
  • Smart Spidering
  • Dynamic Pricing & Repricing 


3. PriceIntelligence AI

Intelligence Node developed PriceIntelligence AI to expand its AI-powered price intelligence, competitive price monitoring, and dynamic pricing capabilities to Shopify retailers across the world.

With this app, Shopify retailers can harness the same eCommerce insights that the world’s leading retailers are using to optimize their prices. With just a few clicks, you can set up rules-based dynamic pricing and competitive benchmarking for similar and exact products against your competition and get price updates 4x daily.

Once you get onboarded onto the Shopify PriceIntelligence AI app, all your in-scope data gets automatically synced with the Intelligence Node console to give you a seamless, hassle-free pricing experience.

With daily custom alerts, Shopify retailers can closely monitor prices against their competitors down to the product level. The pre-set pricing rules can automatically optimize prices at all times to reflect the most competitive pricing across your entire product catalog.


  • Experience Price Optimization Around the Clock
  • Accurately Match Exact and Similar Products
  • Make Data-driven Dynamic Pricing Decisions
  • Get Daily Custom Alerts
  • Save Time & Manpower
  • Grow Your Margins


4. priceOps ‑ Dynamic prices

Designed to be a collection of tools focused on pricing automation, priceOps is a must-have application for medium and large stores. It helps boost sales, increase revenue, or sell faster using pricing strategies, and get rid of old stocks while refreshing the product line. priceOps can automate much of your work leaving you with more time and money to grow your business.


  • Create pricing strategies that run permanently or during special events.
  • Monitor progress in real-time using the campaign dashboard
  • Sell products at 3 different prices based on current inventory quantities.
  • Target multiple products variants with a single campaign
  • Automatic price backup when the campaign started
  • Automatic price restoration when the campaign ends


5. PriceMole

PriceMole is the ultimate competitor price monitoring and price tracking solution for eCommerce. PriceMole monitors your competitor’s or supplier’s prices and stock levels and lets you automate your response with pricing strategies and dynamic pricing.

Boost profits with PriceMole SmartPrice our machine learning-powered dynamic pricing strategy. SmartPrice considers your cost, your competitor’s prices, market trends, and psychological pricing to recommend the most profitable price available! PriceMole Partners are able to earn more profit using a SmartPrice strategy over a conventional “beat lowest competitor” strategy.


  • Monitor your competitor’s prices and stock in real-time
  • Raise or lower your products’ prices automatically based on the competition with dynamic pricing to maximize profits!
  • Get actionable insights and opportunities available to you based on your competition
  • Adjust your stock levels according to your competitors/suppliers automatically
  • Display your competitor’s prices on your website and ensure shoppers are getting the best deal shopping with you,
  • reducing the need to shop around!
  • Receive email updates about price and stock changes
  • Monitor your reseller’s prices for minimum advertised price violations
  • and much more!


6. Dynamic Pricing Optimization

With this app, you can expand your brand visibility, channel more traffic to your store, and increase your sales as it optimizes your store around the clock, giving you the upper hand. It helps grow and gain visibility within your industry with actionable market data, automatically optimized to position your store for success. Track your competitors to create an automated pricing strategy and check your store’s performance against the market and react in real time. Besides that, get meaningful insights into your competitive landscape in terms of prices, brands, categories, and more, to increase your revenue.


7. Dynamic Pricing Optimization

Prisync is a competitor price tracking & monitoring, dynamic pricing, and pricing optimization app for e-commerce merchants from all around the world.

With this Shopify e-commerce pricing app, you can monitor your competitors’ price moves from a single dashboard and import all your products with a single click. Once you install the app, you’ll continuously have a synced data connection between your Prisync account and your Shopify store.

You can take every chance to improve profitability using price matching/dynamic pricing rules you set.


  • Save time and money with price-scraping technology
  • Increase sales growth and profit margins with dynamic pricing
  • Unlimited number of competitor price tracking
  • Product variant tracking
  • Price updates 3x / daily
  • Dynamic pricing and repricing


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